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Username: Phantomz
Realname: Paolo Fabio Zaino
About me:Actually Software Engineer working on DPI Software development, Linux kernel configuring and tunning for network devices and more. Have a look at my web site if you want more information.
Homepage: http://www.zfpsystems.com/
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On RISC OS 5 port hopes for netbook now in production:

I don't want to ruin the party, as I am willing to have a touchbook soon and test ROS 5 on it too, but are we sure ROL will have nothing to say about ROS 5 packaged and/or pre installed on touchbooks?

I am sorry about the following heavy words, but after the last discussions these words are unavoidable IMO... I think with all the mess about ROS-licensing and all the crows who still wants to peck "the last pieces of meat" from the ROS's skeleton, ROOL is going to have troubles with the "ROS 5 on Cortex" distribution as the crows are, probably, just waiting to claim their, questionable, rights.

 is a RISC OS UserPhantomz on 29/7/09 5:18PM
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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

Probably, I am too late to reply to this post, but I think it is worth anyway.

Mr. P.M., to me it sounds unbelievable that a business man like you has posted something like this, honestly.

I just hope this is a misunderstanding, as I imagine you should PROTECT the investment made by the Select-Scheme's Subscrivers and not waste their money on OS's features that the majority of Software Applications are not going to use.

I suggest you to release as soon as possible the low-level API to developers (let's be clear on this, I am NOT talking about apps like Paint or what is generally defined as complete software application).

A Select-Scheme's Subscriver for sure would like to see all the available software applications works better on his ROS Platform and see them to use all the OS's features. So, releasing the low-level API to every developer and every branches of RISC OS, is, probably, the best way to protect the S.S. Subscrivers' investment and wishes.

Moreover, from your own point of view, this is really good choice too, because improving the quality of available applications for RISC OS means to improve the value of YOUR work, not just in terms of fame, but also in economical terms, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Since the end of the "80's style computing" and the rise up of IBM PC's world and the Microsoft's business philosophy everybody knows that the value of a platform it's given by the software that runs on it and not by the UNUSED OS FEATURES. Also Linux, and the Open Source world, is a "victim" of this business view, as Linux is evolving mostly by the enterprise's side than the Desktop users' side. This is due the fact that Enterprises are sponsoring the project "here and there", "forcing" the kernel's developer to optimize it for E.L. applications and the Linux Desktop sucks as a consequence of this world-wide behave.

The ONLY "blocking thing" for ROL about to release low-level API to everybody could be (if any) related to technical issues and costs related to make the ROS6's low-level features be able to work also on other ROS branches, but that's all.

 is a RISC OS UserPhantomz on 28/7/09 2:49PM
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On Multimedia-friendly 1GHz XScale launched:

At the moment i am very happy with my RiscPC with Kinetic, viewFinder and Powertec SCSI (DVD SCSI and HD SCSI). It is enought fast to run Risc OS 4 and compilers like GCC and Castle C/C++ that i use. I can use very high screen resolutions and load tons of applications with just 128 Mb of RAM.

I wish to remember to anybody that a RISC OS computer after 10 years still run fine with no reformattig or REGISTRY TUNEUP UTILITIES and with tons of applications installed on, and a windows computer, also a modern AMD64 x2, get drammatically slow down after you installed more then 20 applications... I have Mac OS X and it isn't more intuitive then RISC OS, as Windows isn't so intuitive too... an example? well try to save a file inside a windows application and he force you to browse the system resources also if you have a explorer window opened in the right path just next your word window.

This not mean that i am anti-microsoft or anti-mac OS... but just try to be objective.

For example, one thing that i hate of RISC OS, is that anytime we open an application it just install its icon on the icon bar and then, on the 80% of times, we need to click again on the icon in the icon bar to open the main app windows... why??????? does somebody have a rational explanation of this app-design choice???? If i clicked on StrongED it is because i want to edit a file so why it doesn't open the main window automatically??? :)

I think that RISC OS just need to be improved about its multitask and on the way it manages the event-driven applications.

About this new processor, it would be amazing to have it inside a new RISC OS computer, but there is still a lot of work to do arround the ROS before to make it capable of to use such kind of processors, remember the Hydra experience....

 is a RISC OS UserPhantomz on 7/5/07 10:49PM
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On 32bit MIDI drivers progress website launched:

Great news... i am one of the RISC OS midi fun since i had my first A305 so i am looking forward to see all the work done ASAP! :)

 is a RISC OS UserPhantomz on 17/4/07 8:24PM
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