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On December news in brief:

I have now located a 32-bit version of zip (part of InfoZip) that works on RISC OS 5. In order for RiscOsNet to work on RISC OS 5, users will need to place this absolute file in their Library directory.

InfoZip is indeed able to compress an application directory. However, I am programmatically generating a command line and then executing it. In this command line, I am including full path information to the source and the destination. For some reason, additional directories then get generated in the zip file itself.

 is a RISC OS UserRebecca on 23/12/07 8:58PM
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On December news in brief:

Using MiniZip was the obvious choice for ROL versions of RISC OS as it made zipping up an application directory extremely easy. I tried using the MiniZip file from my A9 on my Iyonix (both 32-bit computers) but the MiniZip file on my A9 appears not to work anyway.

I then looked at other compression programs. SparkFS is commercial so I can't be certain that end-users have such software. From the command line, InfoZip (v2.21beta) appears not to be able to compress an application directory. ZipEE (v1.48) does not work on the Iyonix as not 32-bit. If anyone knows of any 32-bit compression software that can compress an application directory and be controlled from the command line, please do let me know.

 is a RISC OS UserRebecca on 23/12/07 1:01PM
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On June news in brief:

Blimey!, the poo has really hit the whirly thing; I never realised there were so many hornet's nests in the RISC OS Community.

I would like to clarify the following points made about Serviette and Riscpedia: I felt very uncomfortable running a RISC OS web site on a server that wasn't a RISC OS computer but saying I'm insane for doing so really helps the future of RISC OS; Had I opted for a different OS, Serviette for definite would not now exist! My web server is now an Iyonix and not one of my RiscPCs. To ease the load on my Iyonix should it be required, I have a load balancing gadget plus an A9 and two RiscPCs at my disposal. Serviette is built up from Python's Socket library and does not use Python's supplied HTTP or CGI libraries. Serviette differs from other RISC OS web servers in that it runs Python scripts, handles Python Server Pages and has the potential to call Python objects. As for charging GBP25, is it now a trend that all RISC OS software must be free of charge? The price of Serviette was more for providing support than for the software itself.

My idea for a distributed XML-based RISC OS database seems to have passed many of you by. Riscpedia was meant to be the first web site to use such riscosnet XML files with which to populate itself. I decided to combine the display of an XML record (the XML tags will be hidden in due course) alongside a list of hyperlinks. Last week, only the hyperlinks side was implemented and because you were obviously unaware of my riscosnet idea from February, you picked up the wrong stick and started to beat me with it. The 6000 or so records in XML format have now been added to the site although the XML syntax used is wrong and they are not pretty printed. The search engine options have now been removed as spidering is now working.

So the question I ask you all is whether the distributed riscosnet XML idea is a good one and worth continuing with or am I just wasting my time. If no one is prepared to generate a riscosnet XML file of their own, then Riscpedia is reduced to emulating Acorn Search as you say all-be-it with a regular expression-based search facility (which no one will probably learn how to use!). Each riscosnet XML file will be owned by the person who generated it and sites such as Riscpedia will be able to read such files and extract whatever information they require. When and if such files exist, Riscpedia can then discard its current XML record for a particular entry and use yours instead. Without the backing of the RISC OS Community, I might as well give up on the idea now.

The reason for restricting access to the site was to ensure I didn't exceed my bandwidth limits and to encourage a number of small donations to be made to reinburse me for some of the energy I have and will put into the riscosnet XML schema/RISC OS Encyclopedia idea. I accept that there is probably very little money in RISC OS at the moment but the distributed database scheme I have outlined has the potential to attract new users. I certainly wouldn't be encouraged to join the RISC OS Community on the strength of what I read in a public forum.

Please read what I wrote earlier this year and let me know what you would like me to do and what you would be prepared to do as I have never felt more like an outsider than I do now.

So, the moral of this story is to ensure your audience have all the relevant facts, don't release half-baked ideas regardless of how excited you are and don't ask for money as it often offends! Wow, three new things learnt in one week!

 is a RISC OS UserRebecca on 23/6/07 12:08PM
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