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Username: Rimmer
Realname: Ian Redman
About me:
Homepage: www.jupitersf.co.uk
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On Qercus says sorry for lateness:

In reply to Paul:

I think we can push 3Hz to the limit! :D

 is a RISC OS UserRimmer on 19/02/05 11:40AM
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On ROL surveys Select32 interest:

The simple fact is that ROD might not be out for a 'meaningful' survey, just a quick one. For example, if 100% of those asked had said yes to a 32bit select, then they might feel doing a more complex (and costly) survey is unnecessary, only if the results show a medium to low 'yes' count might they feel the need to do a more complex survey. Asking current customers is always going to be a low cost method to obtain low value data, but the data should be good enough to simply say, "wow, we must do this now!!!" or "ok, we need to go and collect more data." I'm really surprised how much fuss who ROD ask questions to can cause!

 is a RISC OS UserRimmer on 22/11/04 10:33AM
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On Castle opens RISC OS future wishlist:

I understand all the arguments for and against RISCOS ltd releaisng components for other systems, but it just seems like a catch 22 situation. RISCOS can't afford to make changes if they give them away for free, but no software is going to support those changes unless they do.

 is a RISC OS UserRimmer on 20/05/04 12:06AM
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On Castle opens RISC OS future wishlist:

But surely if RISCOS Ltd were to 'give away' their improvements there would be less of a reason for people to upgrade. When I was at Uni I needed DHCP to connect to the network. because of that, I upgraded to select. At some point things have to stop working on old versions of RO to encourage users to upgrade. I don't need a faster machine at the moment, so for me speeding up my productivity with cut+paste icons was worth the upgrade. If for example Netsurf required Select to work correctly, then perhaps more people would upgrade to use it. Yes you would loose some users. But you always will. (Losing the developers is more of a problem I conceed).

 is a RISC OS UserRimmer on 20/05/04 10:31AM
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On Wakefield photos and gossip:

I don't want to make this go any further, but to say that way I read dgs' comment (I'm not saying this was how it was implied, but how I read it) was that he was basicaly saying that David Atkins wouldn't be helpful or nice enough to take a omega out to someones car. You could call DA incompetent or misleading, but dgs appeared to be taking a swipe at him as being unhelpful, with there appearing to be no valid reason for doing so, as I said, the conversation at that point hadn't even mentioned the Omega, it's first mention was in that very post by dgs. I probably misunderstood what dgs meant by saying "Can't see David Atkins doing that, either." But hey I think I'll leave it at that. Other than to point out that I have neither a Castle or Microdigital machine!


 is a RISC OS UserRimmer on 17/05/04 4:18PM
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