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Username: TimDWest
Realname: Tim West
About me:Freelance software engineer (embedded, real-time, Ada95, C etc). Have a RiscPC700 (SA287Turbo, RO6.10), 1 WinXP Home Athlon PC, 1 Vista Home Premium Intel Core 2 Duo PC and an Acer 1361 WinXP laptop all networked together. Have previously had an A440/1, a BBC B, an A4000 and a Jupiter Ace(!). I'm a secondary school governor and I like beer (Hogs Back, 1845, ESB, White Shield, Hop Garden Gold etc), music (classical to metal, Elgar to Iommi) and books (Stephen Donaldson and Robert Jordan to Thomas Hardy, Wilkie Collins and Poe). I have twin boys of 15 and a daughter of 13.
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On Beside Drobe, where else do you get your RISC OS news?:

How do we vote? And Drobe is not my own source, it's yours :-)

 is a RISC OS UserTimDWest on 30/8/09 10:26PM
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On Christmas 2007 show this weekend:

"No email-y, no post-show report-y." That would be enough to discourage me from sending stuff in, 'cos I don't understand it Can someone translate into proper English, please? Thanks

 is a RISC OS UserTimDWest on 1/12/07 8:28AM
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On Archive magazine reviewed:

I'd perhaps only half-noticed the lower-case in the main text, and certainly not in the section headings, but what I had noticed was RISC OS with the large 'R' and smaller 'ISC OS' (all caps), that's got to take some effort?. None of it bothers me though. At the SE show, Jim was asked about the e.e.cummings style and put it down to having to scribble notes on punch cards in ages past, but looking at the pages shown above, he has used capitals for all the names (6 times in 8 words for Andrew Bissex...), so why not at the start of sentences and for the 'I's? I guess it's just his style, so no problem here!!!

 is a RISC OS UserTimDWest on 23/10/07 11:38PM
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On RISCDomain magazine reviewed:

I actively searched the magazine out at the SE Show with a view to probably buying and I agree that the quality and style are excellent, but the content was not for me - I have no interest in selling on Ebay, Amazon or elsewhere, I rarely use anything other than the 'standard' fonts and the reviews had no interest for me as I'm not looking to buy at the moment which didn't leave much else in the mag for me even at £2.99. Sorry. I would certainly look at future issues though.

 is a RISC OS UserTimDWest on 23/10/07 11:03PM
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On South East 2007 show report:

I arrived just after 10am, just behind two guys holding everyone up. Went first to Louie's RISC OS Now with the intention of not asking "the when question" and was glad to see issue 3 on the desk. But what's this? A4 and A5? Louie asks me which I prefer. I like the A5, but also say that the A4 looks good too (which it does). Issue 4 is apparently nearly ready too. I am given an A5 issue to take away with me. Customers may get given the A5 option in future. The EFF stall is empty. Oh no! I bought 3 of Dave Holden's APDL/4D games CDs. Some of the games on there I had long ago, but most are new to me and will hopefully work as I'm assured by the man. I also took the supportive plunge and bought RISC OS 6 to go on my SA Turbo RPC 700 with RO4.39. Hopefully the APDL games will work on it. I picked up the latest Qercus as a subscriber. Apparently there's one more issue due out this calendar year. Watched the "Paul and Jim Archive show" in the theatre at 11am - some pleasant nostalgia - I too remember Jim's Computer Shopper Acorn column as one of my favourites. Judging by the latest issue of Archive all is very well indeed!

 is a RISC OS UserTimDWest on 21/10/07 12:40AM
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