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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

I'm not entirely convinced of the need for LaTeX support. I work in academia (computing) and the dominant formats used by publishers are PDF and Micrsoft Word. These days fewer and fewer conferences and journals support LaTeX based submissions

 is a RISC OS UserWalks on 9/7/07 2:36PM
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On Drobe writer in nuke protest arrest:

I wouldn't say it was really a left wing issue, as I know left wingers who have no problem with nuclear detterent.

I think what it comes down to is ignorance of the facts, a rather naïve view of the world, and simply that some people protest just for the sake of it. Often when you question these people you find they don't really have a strong argument for doing it.

There have been a number of so called 'green' protests in recent years that have afterwards been proved to be based on (and to be promoting) false information. For example, when Greenpeace representatives chained themselves to the Brent Spar oil platform in protest of it being collapsed into the North Sea. A couple of years later it was revealed that leading environmental scientists had recommended the collapsing of the platform because it would result in the creation of a reef that would provide a habitat for sea life. Greenpeace's proposals would have actually caused more damage to the environment.

 is a RISC OS UserWalks on 24/11/06 12:26PM
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On RISC OS 5 source code release revealed:

Yes, this is what I am worried about. Given that alot of effort has been put into improving Paint etc, as part of Select/Adjust it seems a waste for this to be duplicated.

My other concern is about what people can actually get and what people will still need to pay for. Will it be possible to get hold of the full OS, or would you still need to buy this? I can't see people being that keen to develop the OS if it is the latter.

 is a RISC OS UserWalks on 30/9/06 12:43PM
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On Hallas to study history of Acorn PhD:

Yes, patents are not a good gauge of innovation. Companies patent everything possible just in case they can make money from them in the future. When I used to work at Xerox there was set yearly goals on the number of patents they had to be submited - whether the ideas were any good or not was irrelevant.

Conversely, in academia innovation is happening all the time, but very few universities actually bother to patent stuff.

 is a RISC OS UserWalks on 14/09/06 3:57PM
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On Open sourcing RISC OS won't help says ROL:

You are oversimplifying the OS. Taking RO4 Kernel modules and applying them to RO5, is a totally different kettle of fish to taking RO5 hardware modules and applying them to RO4

 is a RISC OS UserWalks on 11/09/06 5:50PM
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