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On Programming tools set for price slash:

Not quite 75% but how does 65% OFF sound?

We did have Castle's C/C++ at 50% OFF but I've just upped that to 65% so you don't need to wait! 70 GBP inc UK Postage

It gets even better as we can supply printed copies of the manuals, all 1388 pages! Though we do have very limited copies of the printed manual! Price with printed manuals 105 GBP inc UK (10 GBP of that is the courier delivery as 1388 pages doesn't come light!)

 is a RISC OS Userchrisevans on 24/1/07 5:02PM
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On ROS Open awaiting licensing wording agreement:

I remember Mach I don't think they ever? talked about a 4MB upgrade for the A300. Watford were the first to talk about it, but it kept getting delayed so we at CJE developed one and were the first to market! It was I think the most profitable product we have ever done! I think Mach did start to develop most if not all the products they announced, I recall they tried picking various peoples brains when they ran into difficulties, the particular one I remember was their IDE interface. It was run be a number of recently graduated youngsters. I don't think they realised what was needed to take what would be acceptable as a Degree project out into the commercial market.

 is a RISC OS Userchrisevans on 9/12/06 5:31PM
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On Hallas to study history of Acorn PhD:

Hopefully the thesis will confirm or deny the Bill Gates 'What is a network' I've always suspected it was an urban legend! I was surprised by the 'Acorn Case' thesis's abstract which called Acorn a failure, whilst they did fail as a computer company, they did make money for some/most? of their shareholders when MSDW bought them up!

I wonder if MSDW maaged to make the killing they hoped for! There was some uncertaintly about Tax liabilities at the time. Unless that was appealed in the courts I suspect we will never know.

 is a RISC OS Userchrisevans on 11/09/06 12:13AM
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On Adjust users get Select site access:

In reply to Druck: if only it was as simple as that, I think you will find that the work for Adjust32 has subsidised Select4 not the other way round! Also what makes you think Select users have subsidised Adjust ROMS? They I'm sure are being sold at a gross profit. Early adopters always pay more! Few if any posters here (inc. myself) know more than about 50% of the full picture, with hindsight some things could have been done/presented differently but things change unpredictably. It is a pity that a positive announcement only generates negative comment, it could make some people wonder why they bother!

 is a RISC OS Userchrisevans on 22/8/06 11:50AM
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On Sibelius flogged to US software giant:

Many Sibelius users tell me they also have the PC version but preffer to use Sib7!

 is a RISC OS Userchrisevans on 9/8/06 11:33AM
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