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Username: drjones69
Realname: Ryan Hitch
About me:C15 Nicholson Hall, The Lawns Cottingham HU16 %SJ UK
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On Punters to vote on TechWriter future:

Quick error correction : Not all the programs I wish to use run under OS X - I assume Eclipse is still not available Should read : Not all the programs I wish to use run under _RISC OS_ - I assume Eclipse is still not available (hence my need for a platofrm other than RISC OS).

Markee174 - I do not see how saying 'RISCOS no longer cuts the muster, and arguing that the apps need to ported' contradicts it's self - there is a definite between an OS and an Application (last time I looked anyway ;-)).

Also (fwiw) I've always been of the impression that a port of something from RISC OS stands a better chance in on platform not quiet under such a stranglehold - hence a thumbs up for Linux & Mac - I feel on Windows, any competition is stands such a small chance of capturing a noticable percentage of users as to slip under the radar :-(

I do find myself agreeing with hEglia - in that I would rather continue usinng powerful apps ported from RISC OS, rather than using the OS it's self just an expensive toy - I (speaking personally) do not feel that that is a fitting legacy for RISC OS.

OK, one final comment - then I promise not to take my oar out ;-) All this switching to linux malarky - now what's it all about? fwiw my eventual switch to MacOSX came from using linux (mix of Gentoo, FC and Mandrake [sic]) - whilst I do like the concept of ROX, it is at the end of day an interface - and one which I never felt captured to real benefits of RISC OS - in fact there is very little RISC OS type functionality I ever found in Linux (font handling in X is a disgrace, inconsistant window interfaces, lack of proper drag and drop, much software very sluggish) - I tend to now just use it as a CLI for appropriate tasks - I've often found that an OS based on text-base precursor always carries with a lot of excess baggage in the GUI world.

Right, definately done now.. umount -l /mnt/soapbox ;-)

Regards and hope I didn't bore (too much).


 is a RISC OS Userdrjones69 on 6/11/06 3:07PM
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On Punters to vote on TechWriter future:

Without the intention of drawing this out into lengthy OS bashing/advocacy issue.. MacOSX is very enjoyable platform to sit down and use - it's only the 2nd OS I've enjoyed using a computer just for the sake of it. Not all the programs I wish to use run under OS X - I assume Eclipse is still not available ;-) RiscOS lacks a large number of software I need (good diagramming tools - Visio/omnigraffle-esque, certainly beyond DiagramIT ;-), MySQL server, functionally usable webbrowser comparable to one I develop for on embeded devices (ie. firefox)), modern Java, Palm pilot connectivity, Exchange mail server access (native), playback/encode of H.264 media the list goes on I'm afriad :-( And I like to be using an OS which I know gets regular upgrades both minor and major, provides me a high level of integration in my workplace/home and is as stable as any 'mainstream' desktop OS I've used.

(And it looks darn pretty ;-))

Regards, Ryan

 is a RISC OS Userdrjones69 on 6/11/06 1:26PM
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On Punters to vote on TechWriter future:

Outputting to PDF is both not a problem (with gs/pdf printerdriver), and (unfortunately) of little use in terms of interoperability :-( My current move is drifting closer to MacOS - and running VirtualRPC/rpcemu under virtualisation (or even natively) is far from ideal - the best case would be a file-compatible, native, MacOS version of Tech/Easiwriter ;-) - what with that, and OvPro ported to MacOS - closely followed by Artworks, and of course StrongED - well, given all, one might expect RISC OS's greatest strength (it's fine array of software) to flourish unimpeeded (sp?) ;-) Despite various OS-shifts in the past couple of years I (personally speaking) still rank many RISC OS packages as world class ;-)

Regards, Ryan

 is a RISC OS Userdrjones69 on 6/11/06 1:03PM
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On Punters to vote on TechWriter future:

OK, whilst I'm fairly sure this'll get slapped down pretty quick quickly, but here goes... Techwriter to run on MacOSX - please, I'm begging ya here - even if it requires a full additional license. Having moved to MacOSX at work (and progessively at home too) there's just a 2-3 apps that I really miss (ironically 2 of them by Mr Wuerthner) - MS Word on Mac bugs me as much as it does on windows and even OpenOffice.org seems slugish (always wondered why OO feels much nicer on windows than on any platform) - Techwriter is light, nippy and has decent structuring - currently have my RiscPC stashed at the office purely for documentation work on TW - but it's getting harder to maintainn interoperability with colleagues.

I know a platform change is a no-small thing - but surely it's not entirely beyond the realms of possibility - and would open up a sizeable new market (wasn't TW originally based on MacAuthor anyway - kind of a full circle thing ;-))

Regards, Ryan

 is a RISC OS Userdrjones69 on 6/11/06 11:37AM
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On Wakefield 2006 show report:

Not to be a pedant (but since this is one of those areas I actually know something about) - Moodle is not (to be best of knowledge) a government iniative - infact some LEAs used to be told not to use it - as only VLEs from companies with a annual turnover of more than X - and moddle is FLOSS - and damn good I might also say! Also I dear say if the Government were to push forward some kind of IT in Schools project they'd only lose interest and actively encourage a competitor's product a few years down the line - oooo not that I'm bitter!! ;-)

Also on the flash issue - and I dear say many people are already aware of this - but there is an open source package called 'gnash' which aims to be an OSS flash player - currently it supports up to (partial) flash 7 - [link] if anyone's interested ;-)

Regards, Ryan

 is a RISC OS Userdrjones69 on 16/5/06 1:37PM
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