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On RISC OS 5 port hopes for netbook now in production:

And once again it seems like to me one of the best chances of getting quality sftware ported is doing what Martin Weurthner is doing. I have just got interested again with RiscOS, not that I ever deserted this platform or operating system I just found myself using the PC for more things, because of the interesting times ahead with RiscOS 5 port to CortexA8 spearheading it for me. I say that you have to be in to win. Now all you TRUE RiscOS fans out there put your 10 or 15 quids worth in and hopefully we will get more programmers stepping up to the mark to do some essential porting / app writing. Me personally am not a good enough programmer to get involved at a commercial level but if I was I would. I don't mean to sound blunt but RiscOS is a superb OS and yes it does need work on it but it definatly deserves to survive on the desktop and any other devices. Is there a webpage out there for RiscOS users to submit ideas, bit like a discussion board, then anyone interested can take there pick. Long live RiscOS.

Just like to applaud Jeffery Lee and say thanks for giving me some belief again. Nice one

 is a RISC OS Usergvrace on 30/7/09 6:34PM
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On Video converter port FFmpeg updated:

In reply to bluenose

I have permanently got !StrongED loaded hasve tried with !Edit and makes no difference. Maybe its my OS version ( 5.11 ) but dont have any way of testing this though.

In reply to sa110

Can try Zamzar but dont have much luck with Firefox normally.

 is a RISC OS Usergvrace on 30/11/08 9:41AM
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On Video converter port FFmpeg updated:

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time ( Murnong ) so was eager to download , install and try. However i cant seem to get it running as when i drag a web page tom it either straight from the filer or browser i get an error :- 'An application that loads a file of this type has not been found by the filer. Open a directory display containing the required application and try again' and then nothing. Anybody got a clue.

FFmpeg is cool. This too is long waited for. Nice one.

 is a RISC OS Usergvrace on 27/11/08 4:45PM
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On Intel to shed XScale chips:

In reply to druck : In fairness I am not that clued up on hardware but you clarify one thing. I thought the HAL in RiscOS 5 was supposed to be hardware independent so why does the HAL need to be modified and not just some drivers that it uses.


 is a RISC OS Usergvrace on 6/5/06 8:31AM
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On Geminus graphics acceleration launched:

Okay so screen acceleration is mainly geared towards desktop apps and as i understand it also SpriteOp commands outside desktop ?

So how compatible is geminus screen acceleration with other newer GeForce cards ?

Is there any SWI's that can be accessed or is it all 'behind the scenes' and hidden. I would expect there not to be any SWI's or it would be more useful in a non desktop environment. Can anyone clarify this.

 is a RISC OS Usergvrace on 13/12/05 7:03PM
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