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ContactAbout me
Username: iamnotamused
Realname: Morgan Evans
About me:Lived with BBCs and Acorns since 1983. Learned to program in BASIC, C, C++, Assembler (ARM and 8086), Java, CORBA and (ew...) Visual Basic. Also skilled web designer (aren't we all :)) with knowledge of pretty much any damn web language you can mention. Recently learned to hate computers (20 years sat zombified infront of a lifeless thing is enough for anybody) and got a life. Still have a good deal of respect for RISC OS though (has an excellent user base, who are actually quite genuine and helpful - and the software's not three bad either), and aspire to actually finish off one of the tens of ideas I began to program for it, but got too frustrated to finish.
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On Please Stop the Madness:

Oh dear, or dear guys. I guess sarcasm bites. One thing that the article has demonstrated to me though is that Acorn really were truly short sighted in their approach to future expansion. No decent hardware architecture and no way to re-invent yourself other than retro-stylee with emulation. Bugger. Peace out. You can flame me now guys :)

 is a RISC OS Useriamnotamused on 19/11/03 3:08PM
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On Price Comparisons:

I reckon Drobe ought to do a poll and find out if and why people would want to buy a RISC OS computer, not just based on price. Unless of course, the only reason is going to be 'because I'm an enthusiast' - oh dear :(

 is a RISC OS Useriamnotamused on 30/05/03 2:48PM
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On RISC OS Select 3 in detail:

I just don't get the point os Select. It's nice to see these features certainly, but seeing as they're pretty much standard on Windoze, Linux (Gnome and KDE) and MacOS, how come we have to pay 155 for the privelige of getting a few 'tweaks' that they get for free - I mean, when they update their OS they normally get a major OS update (or downgrade for Windows) for the money. Sorry but it just seems a bit too expensive to me, even if you do get 4 updates a year, there really hasn't been anything that significant to mention.

What about decent features like Virtual Memory or (god forbid) a decent printer driver? I'd much rather see RISC OS become a recognisable competitor than a pretty toy.

 is a RISC OS Useriamnotamused on 09/05/03 3:45PM
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