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Username: jcmcculloch
Realname: John McCulloch
About me:Hi there, my name is John C McCulloch, I was an Acorn RiscPC600 user, Now I have MicroDigital Alpha Laptop and Dell Dimension 8400 PCs, capable of running Virtual RiscPC. Live in Bearsden, near to Glasgow. Am a licenced Radio Amateur, and a keen Digital Photographer.
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On ROL faces rebellion over Select delays:

Good grief, when wil you guys give it a break! Go ahead Druck you waste your money on hiring a lawyer to tell you you are legally correct. That will make you feel better. Good for you! Personally I think SHOCK HORROR that ROL are entitled to some slack here, they are a bunch of well intentioned guys, trying to keep alive our favourite OS, perhaps if Druck was to put the not inconsequential fees to his lawyer in the pot, and other like minded procarstinators, there might be increased funding for ROL. All I can say is keep up the good work.

 is a RISC OS Userjcmcculloch on 5/10/05 6:39AM
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On RISC OS 5 modernisation to cost millions:

I am sorry, but CTL et al's announcement sounds to me as sheer pie in the sky.

If they had a sensible game plan, they would have told us nothing, as is their way.

This whole business smacks of he who shouts loudest wins, not because they are intrinsically right, just because they say the right things. YES convergence was not what people using RISC OS wanted to hear was happening to their favourite OS. So now the pundits and CTL to an extent are suggesting a path away from convergence..... So we all cheer, HOORAY.

STOP, look and listen....... CTL have been known in the past to acquire kit for knockdown prices, the Risc PC, A7000 kit from Acorn, for example.

More modern acquisitions include the basis for Iyonix.

So just because they have done deals prolonging the market awhile, does this really show them in such good light.

RISC OS Ltd, stepped in at the downfall of Acorn as we knew it and saved RISC OS for our tiny desktop market, CTL looked for a way to circumvent paying royalties to RISC OS Ltd, hence RISC OS 5..... and their continued sale of machines with RISC OS 3.7.

Without RISC OS Ltd, we would not have a viable OS at all, and CTL know this, but won't recognise this fact, hence all the Trumpet blowing.

I must say, there must be someone out there who sees this legal jockeying for what it really is...... A way for rich lawyers to become more rich at the expense of all. Do CTL's lawyers have any care for RISC OS of course not, they are only interested in lining their pockets. What possible motive does CTL have for it's own position. If CTL, as it claims, was interested in supporting it's competitors, it would have quietly absorbed the offending company, accepted it's actions, and moved on. But, and here is the rub, I don't think at the moment they could afford to buy out the 26% interests in RISC OS Ltd, never mind spend 7 to 8 Million pounds, putting RISC OS 5 right. Cannot you all see what is going on here!

 is a RISC OS Userjcmcculloch on 22/06/04 9:12PM
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On Castle terminates RISCOS Ltd. licence:

I smell the end of the RISC OS market, I would be very surprised if the non-Castle camp, particularly the VA camp dont just go mainstream Windows.

If various software companies, large and small can produce RISC OS like clones of their software for Windows, David Pilling, and Mark Sawle, spring to mind, then I can see a large shift away from Castle toward Windows XP based products.

The market place will be decimated, and Castle will ultimately follow Acorn down the proverbial pan.

If that's Castle's game plan, so be it.

I am not saying that ROL are faultless, but I think it bad form at the very least that Castle if they have the legal high stand allowed the situation to continue, and ROL to support Select/Adjust, and the VA marketplace, much longer than a few weeks after their acquisition of RISC OS.

They must be seen as the baddies, for pulling the plug nearly a year after.

Little or no press has been given to the impression than ROL were all at fault.

Personally I feel the time has come, sadly to fully migrate. I have supported it in all forms since 1982. But this is the final straw, that broke the camels back!

Enjoy, what's left, but the Iyonix was never on my shopping list, and having suffered from Castle's crass stupidity regarding it's own marketing of Products, I bid it fairwell!

< Oregano, Oregano 2 > spring so clearly to mind. Promises, promises, promises, oh it is Oregan's fault.....seems everyone is at fault but Castle.

I do hope ROL manage to survive this, and should that be the case, I may linger a while longer, but ultimately the market looks doomed!

Yours a very disappointed, RISC OS user.

 is a RISC OS Userjcmcculloch on 16/06/04 4:46PM
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