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On Castle opens RISC OS future wishlist:

"You can have virually all the user visible features offered by the current release of Select on an Iyonix today"

No, you can't. Which is why so many people aren't buying Iyonix until it gets Select.

"More lost sales for ROL must make their shareholders happy!"

Er, they have nothing to sell to you. That's not a 'lost sale'. Castle is the one actually losing sales.

 is a RISC OS Userjerryf on 20/05/04 10:04AM
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On Castle opens RISC OS future wishlist:

Castle should have made those they need to side with them. Instead they stepped on just about everybody's toes and did everything themselves. Now they reap the benefits. Hardly any development for Iyonix. RISC OS split. They should crash and burn.

 is a RISC OS Userjerryf on 20/05/04 09:46AM
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On Castle opens RISC OS future wishlist:

Castle should have consulted and hired RISC OS Ltd to do RISC OS 5 in the first place instead of sidetracking them. They could have had an ally and a knowledgeable company ready to advance RISC OS 5. Now they have an enemy.

 is a RISC OS Userjerryf on 19/05/04 11:45PM
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On AdvantageSix launches new VirtualRPC based PC :

Andrew : nobody here has denied some software is being sold to be run on emulators. The question is how much and whether or not it will balance the immediate and future loss of Acorn users by giving them a native PC platform with RISC OS emulation instead of the other way around.

And schools may buy emulators but they won't be new customers. They'll want to continue running their tried and tested RISC OS software but can't afford (and hence won't buy !) a Risc PC, Omega or Iyonix. Nor any new educational software, since, basically, there isn't any.

Dougal : "so, you think that there's no compelling reason to pay for RISC OS software when you have a PC?". Why don't you read what's being said. Yes obviously some people will want to run that unique app. Nobody denies that. The real question is will it outweigh the loss of users that have been given an easy way to migrate to PC software and hardware.

Stoppers : yes, Virtual Acorn and RISC OS Ltd. *do* win some money in this game. So we'll certainly have a nicer OS eventually. But no new software to run on it. Not to mention hardware.

 is a RISC OS Userjerryf on 10/10/03 11:07AM
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On AdvantageSix launches new VirtualRPC based PC :

One could also see it this way. Who are these people buying VRPC ? Three kinds of user come to mind :

1. People that already have a Risc PC, but are attracted by unique emulator features : faster harddisc, faster memory, eventually interfaces to Windows drivers for all kinds of PC hardware (in addition to what's already there). And a 'free' kick-ass performance PC environment. These people will know RISC OS well, and will have bought their killer apps (if any). Unless some more killer apps are in the pipeline (highly unlikely considering the state of the market) : no sales to these people. And migration to native PC software, with this kick-ass PC under their fingertips, is highly attractive.

2. People that don't have a Risc PC, but know RISC OS. I.e. nostalgia. New killer app sales ? I don't think so.

3. People entirely new to RISC OS. New killer app sales ? Perhaps. But these people are highly likely to be PC afficionados and buy their usual PC stuff for all their other requirements.

More sales gained by 3 than lost by 1 ? I don't think so.

 is a RISC OS Userjerryf on 10/10/03 00:58AM
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