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Username: martin
Realname: Martin Hansen
About me:Maths teacher, 48, lives in Shrewsbury. Bought an Electron in 1984, (Learnt to program in BASIC by writing an Astrological chart plotting application). Car crash compensation financed the purchase of an A410/1 in 1989. Aquired an unwanted A5000 in 1992 and used it until 1998 but without any interest in the wider Acorn scene. Hearing of Acorn's 'bust up' rekindled my enthusiasm and I then bought a Kinetic RiscPC in 2001 and an Iyonix in2004. Author of TurtleChalk (2004), ArtGraph(2005), Sudoku(2006) and MathBox(2006), WordChain II (2008). Wrote for Acorn User in it's final years, before discovering the pleasure of penning articles for drobe.co.uk. I've gone to many of the RISC OS shows since 2004 as The MathMagical Software Company. Launched my own website (written 100% using RISC OS) in August 2006. Visit my website for both the free and the commercial software that I have written. Currently messing around with Video/Animation clips using RISC OS.
Homepage: http://www.mathmagical.co.uk
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On ARM-powered computer firm in RISC OS port talks :

Hi Rob,

Ah yes, a Rob criptic comment but you are right if you mean what I think you mean. The A9 came along later than the Iyonix and I guess your other comment is referring to the fact that it was developed from a set top box.

Are Castle still in the set top box market ? I ask because I passed a stack of them in Tesco going for £15 each - not much money to be made there, surely, unless you can shift thousands of them fast.

Regards, Martin

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 31/8/09 9:11AM
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On ARM-powered computer firm in RISC OS port talks :

Hi Dave, Yes, the proposed machine sounds like it would be faster than Iyonix which is the point at which I'll buy.

Sorry to hear that the A9's still got issues. It was of no appeal to me as it wasn't a step on from what I already had. I know you're very interested in USB so I can see that problems with the stack would irritate and frustrate.

I guess the problem is that the pace of development in the rest of the computing market is relentless and the A9 is already starting to seem like an older machine...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 31/8/09 9:07AM
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On Watch the trailer of BBC's Acorn versus Sinclair history docu-drama:

Fun !

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 21/8/09 7:57PM
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On RISCWorld mag back-issues reprinted online for free:

Amidst all of the nit-picking I'd like to say 'thanks' for this, Aeron.

I could do with a 'summer read'.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/8/09 10:21AM
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On NetSurf on RISC OS faces axe:

Has anyone stepped forward yet ?

If it was BBC BASIC and desktop WIMP programming I'd have gone for it.

A C programmer I am not.

(I'm busy teaching myself ARM assembly at the moment which I'm finding surprisingly rewarding. The speed boost from optimised assembler is quite astonishing...)

I can't help thinking of the NetSurf team waving a massive wad of £5 notes at the Wakefield show from sales of the NetSurf RISC OS CD.

If it helps someone step up to the mark, I'm sure most punters at the London Show would chuck that person a fiver. Hell, what's £5 ?

200 x £5 = £1000

Surely that's tempting to someone ?

Just a suggestion....

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 14/8/09 3:27PM
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On RISC OS 5 port hopes for netbook now in production:

I disagree - I the issue IS money. I don't mean large amounts - but RISC OS is starved of even modest amounts of cash at every level.

For a start, Castle bailed out of producing an Iyonix II because they could not see a way of making a return on the couple of hundred thousand pound investment needed to bring it to market. A couple of hundred thousand in the grand scheme of things is not a lot of money - it's a little over the cost of an average house. But, as always with money, even a small amount is a lot if you don't have it.

Many software developers, writers, reviewers etc, etc have left RISC OS because they can not make a living out of it. Most left do it as a hobby, and part time. I don't think most expected wild returns on their time and effort - but even a modest living wage, say £21000 a year (what a nurse gets) is just not there for more than, I would guess, five RISC OS people today.

Personally, as someone who now uses Windows, Mac OS and RISC OS every day, I can still see that RISC OS has much to commend it - it's certainly impressive how a few groups of determined individuals have kept it going - but I sense that the rest of the world is relentlessly moving on, and RISC OS seems less and less able to do what the average person in the street expects from a computing device. RISC OS is definitely 'hobby computing' these days.

On the plus side, I personally enjoy being part of a small community doing great things with very little but it does now feel that RISC OS is too small, and relying on too few key people to do the 'great things'.

Nope - bring in some money, I say. It's not the whole solution, but I think it's silly to pretend it's not an issue.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 31/7/09 1:10PM
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On Acorn World show is back this September:


Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 27/7/09 9:10PM
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On BBC to record film on Acorn versus Sinclair in the 1980s:

Tony Saint has produced some impressive screen plays in the past. It's great that someone of this calibre is taking an interest in this aspect of Britain's computing history.

Looking back, it is slightly odd how passionate folks were about their chosen computer system in the 1980s but the fact is, they were, and where there's passion there's a story.

These days for the vast majority of people there seems much less loyalty to any particular brand - it's much more focussed on the actual functionality of the product. I suppose that in any given area we all have a clearer idea of what we want a computer to do, and we only tend to notice the actual computer when it doesn't do what we want it to do quickly, easily and intuitively.

I certainly have started hopping around quite freely between Windows, Macs and RISC OS depending on what I'm trying to do and have stop feeling guilty about doing so. I think it's actually quite good that in such a world there is still a place for RISC OS.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/6/09 5:00PM
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On New London RISC OS show to be held in October:

OK - I see it's on the 3rd October 2009. Oh goodie - I can make that date.

It's excellent news that ROUGOL have stepped in with a replacement show.

My understanding, from John Sawyer, was that the Guildford venue had become too expensive.

The show last year also came at the same time as the announcement that Castle would not be produsing an Iyonix II which, if you are organising a show, is not a helpful backdrop.

I wish the organisers luck in finding a reasonably priced but accessible venue.

I like the fact that they are calling it the *LONDON* show. A bit of good marketing there, I thought.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 1/6/09 9:38AM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

Cripes - I wasn't trying to be inflamatory.

I may be about to say something that is not the case, but to me it's a depressing task to contemplate write a substantial application for any platform from scratch. It much easier to get going if you've got the essence of an idea in the form of a piece of working code that can be experimented with and developed.

Personally, I keep running into old but very good RISC OS software that does not run on up to date versions of RISC OS. The reasons for it not running are probably, in some cases, trivial. Many software authors have moved on, died or simply lost interest or motivation. Often, a perfectly aimiable original author no longer has the source code because the machine they wrote the software on was dumped/sold or they've lost the source when a Hard Drive crashed etc, etc. Without the source code it's close to impossible to do anything to rescue such software. It's particularly frustrating - hence my admittedly terse earlier post - when entire regions of functionality are lost. It's not just the programs in themselves, it's the potential they carried to be picked up by someone fresh and developed further.

My point was that software authors ought to have an awareness of the need to future proof their efforts as much as possible along such lines. I didn't expect anyone to find this controversial as it's the whole phisosophy behind open source which I hope, ultimately, is direction RISC OS will drift in, although if a few folk make a living out of it along the way, that's fine by me.

Flicker was written because I was given permission by Bob Seago to play around with what I thought was an inspiringly clever set of routines. It's coded with programming notes throughtout so that anyone interested can see how it does what it does. This includes things like responding to a double click on an application's file type, setting up simple wimp menus, setting up a wimp volume control, and grouped radio icons, quite aside from all of the sprite handling routines. So anyone wanting any piece of it can grab that part of it to recycle and reuse.

Andre Timmerman gave permission for it to use his TimPlayer sound module. So if you want to know how to add sound to your app in a way that works on Iyonix, Risc os 4 & 6, and Virtual Acorn, the gist of it is there - although there is still an "input focus" issue that needs to be coded up.

My particular frustration today revolves around trying to find something with which to write (using RISC OS) the "Tracker" files that Flicker plays as a soundtrack. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there now a single tracker music making program that works on all modern versions of RISC OS ? Is there a tracker music making program that works on *any* modern version of RISC OS ?

There seem to be around eight old tracker music making programs - non with source. There is nothing upon which to build. It's depressing.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 22/5/09 12:27AM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

RISC OS developers need to stop writing software that is so fragile to changes in the OS. Applications also need to contain the source code so that stuff that stops working for trivial reasons can be fixed and patched. Vast quantities of legacy software that's still potentially very useful and useable is failing because of the bewildering number of permutations of systems it needs to run on. Pause.... I feel a rant coming on... Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 21/5/09 10:17AM
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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

Ah.. OK. I thought I read somewhere that those known facts were in dispute but I'm probably (and hopefully) wrong.

Thanks for the correction.

I wasn't quite sure what you meant by "putting their money where their mouth is" but if it means they are careful about what they do with their resources it's probably all to the good.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 19/5/09 7:49PM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

Very nice article on Iconbar, Jeffrey

I was about to plug it but you beat me to it !

Regards, Martin


 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 19/5/09 1:53PM
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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

I don't think it should be forgotten that ROL are the only company actually making any money at the moment out of selling RISC OS.

So it is understandable that they are attending to their existing market first, and would want to think very carefully before doing anything radical which would jepordise this. So, just to gather together my thoughts, by existing market I mean, emulation via Virtual Acorn, finishing the OS for the A9 and incremental progress for Risc PC users via the select scheme.

I have been worried that the 'open' emulators are going to take out one of ROL's income streams. I worry because they'd be forced to defend their market which could result in 'friction'.

Porting RISC OS 5 to, say, the Pandora, is a much better proposition as it does not compete directly with existing markets. It would be fantastic if Castle could be brought back into the game, as a supplier of an "out-of-the-box" Pandora, for example. I'd certainly be very interested in buying such a "user friendly" product. To me, that's a sellable proposition, and it's entirely right that CTL take a cut for the "value added". Possibly, ROL get a cut too from licensing - I don't know about that.

The most important aspect of all of this, is for all parties to respect what each other are doing, not tread of each others toes, and focus on growing the use and usefulness of RISC OS in their own areas.

There are a lot of exciting and interesting things going on in the RISC OS world at the moment and we need to keep it all growing and moving forward.

Regards, Martin Hansen.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 19/5/09 1:47PM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

Thanks for a highly informative and helpful comment, Jeffrey. (Phlamethrower) Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 11/5/09 8:52AM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

This is very exciting.

What's the resolution of that screen shot ?

I want to read "an idiot's guide" to getting this bought, up and running with RISC OS.

Is there a UK distributor for the beagleboard ? - I don't have an easy way of paying for stuff in US dollars...

Found an interesting link of stuff to buy such as a suitable case etc but, again, all in the US...


What an amazing achievement, Jeffrey.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 10/5/09 11:17PM
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On Long-awaited Organizer 2 on sale with iCal import and export support:

My cheque (as a new user) is going in the post later today.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 1/5/09 9:05AM
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On RISCOS Ltd relaunches riscos.com with new design:

Woo-pee-doo ! Who says ROL does not listen to its customers? We asked for a revamped site. We got a revamped site. I like it.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 24/4/09 11:10PM
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On RISC OS 6 in pictures:

It's tempting to say that if it's a choice between an all bangs and whistles website and getting on with developing the code that is RISC OS, I'd support developing the code. <BR> ...BUT... <BR> ...it is time to replace the existing site with a small, straight forward effort that just focuses on a few key aspects, like this excellent article does. That need only be a one-week job for someone who knew what they were doing... <BR> I suggest ROL get it on their "to do" list...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 22/4/09 9:58AM
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On RISCOS Ltd issues bug-fix update to Select subscribers:

It's good that the select scheme is back on track with regular updates - I think this must be my third under my current one-year subscription.

I think it's fair enough to periodically stop and say focus on consolidation.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 22/4/09 9:29AM
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On Will Wakefield 2009 see a new graphics card for RISC OS?:

Yes, I'd be very tempted by a card that combined Viewfinder with UNIpod functionality. I thought the V was Roman for "five" and was wondering if they'd got five Xscale chips working in unison in a throwback to the Hydra project. 5*800MHz = 4GHz.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 5/4/09 12:14AM
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On Last issue of Foundation RISCWorld published:

I've always found Aaron to be an astute businessman.

Given how difficult the rest of the world's newspapers and magazines are finding it to make money from their publications at the moment, I wonder if the underlying reason for this announcement is that the financial return on the time and effort has become minimal.

The stated reason does not make sense to me. I can't imagine that those alleged to be "attacking" subscribe to the CD, so how would pulling the plug on it be an appropriate response ?

I've suscribed to the CD in the past and thought it well produced - With subscriptions to 'Qercus', 'Archive' and 'RISCOS Now' currently on the go, I'd let the 'RISCWorld' one lapse - but I'm wishing I'd supported it more now....

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 29/3/09 11:45PM
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On Google to fund another round of NetSurf development:

hEgelia, Ah yes - you are right, of course..... (The iPhone supports Javascript and not flash) Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 27/3/09 9:26PM
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On Google to fund another round of NetSurf development:

I read somewhere that many websites are being recoded to remove their dependence on Javascript because the iPhone does not support it. Furthermore, Apple don't seem to see adding JS to the iPhone as a priority. I guess how this goes will depend upon how iPhone sales. I also read somewhere else that a lot of the preparatory work to get Javascript running within Netsurf has been done - perhaps someone else could comment on if what's left to do could be a summer's worth of work for a student.... I noticed that WebWonder is going down the route of adding JavaScript to achieve various effects such as a "slideshow" feature. Of course, such things can be done fairly easily without JavaScript as I showed in: [link] but I guess that the main RISC OS browser ought to be able to display what one of the main RISC OS website authoring packages is producing.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 24/3/09 5:45PM
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On ARM Cortex-A8 port of RISC OS 5: first screenshot:

There's a long discussion on this taking place at


Regards, Martin

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 25/2/09 6:17PM
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On South West 2009 show report:

My show report, of course, only covers a few selected highlights of the day. I'm well aware that I've not even given a mention to some of the "big names" at the show; Martin Wurthner with ArtWorks/Techwriter, or R-Comp & CJE micros, both with big stalls and many exciting goodies on offer. And there were six theatre talks - I have mentioned but two. In part, it's good to leave stuff for other outlets to report upon (such as Archive, Qercus, RiscWorld and the IconBar) and so I've covered less than I could, but in more detail. It's amazing, I think, to be able to have a report out for drobe readers to ponder over less than 48 hours since the show ended - with this in mind, I ought to thank drobe editor Chris Williams for a big behind the scenes effort. He did a lot of polishing to get this to read as well as it does. I didn't go to bed on Saturday night to get this written - I doubt Chris got much sleep last night in order to have this and the rest of the current drobe home page coverage out for folk to read when they awoke this morning. Regards, Martin Hansen

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/2/09 2:49PM
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On ARM Cortex-A8 port of RISC OS 5: first screenshot:

I read through the discussion at [link] and thought that this really is a most exciting development. It's particularly encouraging that there are still a good number of G&T* folks in the RISC OS areana. I refuse to believe that RISCOS Ltd would stop this happening - I know there is a good dialogue between RISCOS Ltd and ROOL - I'm confident they can work something out. The big challenge must be the port itself - Good luck with the technicalities guys - it's way beyond what I could cope with.

(*G&T:Gifted and talented - education speak)

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/2/09 7:59AM
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On A sign of the times: flash a cheeky message from your RISC OS desktop:

This looks fun. As there is a new Maplin shop in my town I'm going to see if I can buy one of these today. Thanks, Dave.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/2/09 7:49AM
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On Paul Vigay found dead off Southsea seafront:

What a strange day it has been. First a worried posting from Louie on the csa google groups, then the unbelievable NEWS that his body had been found.

One of my memories will be of him joking with me as I took his photo at last November's Midlands show.

A very sad day. Martin

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 20/2/09 6:28PM
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On A guide to overclocking Kinetic and StrongARM CPU cards:

I'll just make a note-to-self NOT to buy any second hand kinetic cards from Charlie Lane....

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 7/1/09 9:48AM
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On New RISC OS ownership claim may derail ROOL RiscPC ROM release:

Having been at the Birmingham show at the weekend, I feel that any idea that ROL and ROOL are in some sort of conflict is misplaced. Both Paul Middleton and Steve Revell (& co) were far more relaxed and happy than I've seen them for a long time.

A lot of projects from both players are progressing very nicely, and there is a lot of movement on price along with new ideas on how to take RISC OS forward. Sure, RISC OS is now a tiny market but, in the flesh, I think there is a remarkable good humoured spirit of positivity and willingness to do what is needed to take the platform forward.

I'm sure is anyone felt hard done by or cheated they'd be shouting about it on drobe, but what we have got is all party's saying there is no real problem.

Let's move on, shall we ?

Regards, Martin Hansen.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 11/12/08 1:18AM
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On Adventures with a Lego-cased A7K web server:

Neat article. A mad project but wonderfully technical. And what a fun thing to do with old kit. I like it !

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 29/11/08 4:44PM
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On RISC OS South West 2009 show confirmed:

Oh good, good. I'm not working on that day so I can go. I've been on four previous years but not the last one. I always think the theatre talks are really good at this show - most folks have had a good think over Christmas and new year and are powering ahead with new ideas.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 27/11/08 8:23PM
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On R-Comp unveils new PDF authoring package:

Re : don't even get me started on the Paypal

I added a few paypal buttons to the mathmagical website, which was remarkably easy to do, and have had a steady trickle of sales since. Best of all, I never see or have to handle any of my customers bank details etc.

I rate paypal highly. The main annoyance with paypal is that amazon do not accept it.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/4/08 9:44PM
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On New PDF output tool on sale:

I was about to buy the draw2pdf as I have enough in my paypal account to cover it.


I was a little surprised to see that I have to chose between a 32 or 26 bit version.

This does not suit me as I use a RISC PC networked to a Iyonix at home and a Kinetic Risc PC in my office at work.

I know, I'll email David and see if it's possible to buy a 32 bit neutral version that runs on my three machines.

(I consider myself to be a "single" user and that it's not to be unreasonable to expect that £20 covers me for my three machines)

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/3/08 10:28AM
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On VirtualRiscPC spotted on Linux:

In reply to mripley Yes - it's an academic exercise of no practical day-to-day use as it stands. Yes - that's fine. It's fun to explore what is possible and I marvel at the inginuity of people who do so. Maybe something will come of it, maybe not. Personally, I greatly enjoy being a part of the crazy world that is RISC OS. Glad you are enjoying Linux. Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 20/3/08 9:10AM
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On New release of RISC OS Firefox available:

In reply to bucksboy Yes - that was my initial thought too. The boy has come through good.

At work, I've quietly switched over to FireFox from Internet Explorer - I'm looking forward to grabing Peter's RISC OS version to see how it compares now that I have a better understanding of what FireFox is like for users on other platforms.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/2/08 1:04PM
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On Animated love:

Ahh... OK, Mike.... Women : tricky creatures to understand - much more complicated than computers... Your advice is much appreciated... Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 11/2/08 8:57AM
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On RISC OS skills database website launches:

In reply to Jwoody

RE : "Sorry, don't work for FREE. Sorry don't work on RiscOS"

A strange thing to want to shout about - especially here. Do you consider yourself to be an admirable example that we should all aspire to be like ? Perhaps your comment does not read quite how you intended it ?

Personally, I don't consider anything I do for RISC OS "work" - it's a "hobby" that I enjoy being involved in.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 3/2/08 10:05PM
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On Wakefield 2008 details confirmed:

In reply to becky

Just to nip any confusion in the bud : The show is on April 26th.

I spotted your slip because the 26th is my daughter's birthday and, sadly that means I can't make it this year.



 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 29/1/08 9:56AM
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On Ditching desktops for portables: The way forward?:

I was impressed when a friend let me test drive one of these Nokia devices - It was cool to see that drobe was still perfectly readable on such a small screen. It did seem slightly "Toy" like to me but he was thrilled with it.

If, like me, you are struggling to understand these devices, there is a neat review of the Nokia N770 internet tablet on the Iconbar.


Richard Goodwin shelled out £90 for one on ebay and seems pretty chuffed with it.

Regards, Martin.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 5/1/08 8:35AM
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On November news in brief:

I'm not a computer games player but Spheres of Chaos was my 2nd favourite RISC OS game. (Lemming's was my first) Crumbs - those days are all so long ago, now...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 20/11/07 11:31PM
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On South East 2007 show report:

Yes, it was a very good show from my point of view (MathMagical). The best thing about any show is it really drives forward the efforts made to get new releases of software sorted - In the two week's running into the show my computing hobby, seemed more like double shifts full time employment.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 04/11/07 2:31PM
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On New PhotoDesk upgrade revealed:

It looks like a terific piece of software.


I wonder if it would be possible to have a play around with it at the show tomorrow ?

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 19/10/07 12:32PM
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On RISC OS Sometime unrest grows:

Ooops... Must purchase one copy of each back issue, not "all of the issues"...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/10/07 12:57PM
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On RISC OS Sometime unrest grows:

I must purchase all of the issues of RON at Guildford this weekend. Last year I couldn't get to the stand because of the constant queue of folks waiting to by the launch issue, and endlessly keeping Louie talking when she could have been selling, selling, selling...

It's a big job getting a magazine out then the technical systems to do so are up and running.

Trying to get the system set up at the same time as being an editor is tough. Also, with other platforms there are lots of experts around to help out - With RISC OS an editor is more on his/her own.

Good to see practical help and advice being posted here (and elsewhere).

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/10/07 12:55PM
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On New TechWriter style editor revealed:

Ahh, yes - This is on my "must buy" list for the coming weekend.

I've been using TechWriter a couple of hours a day over the last six weeks to prepare lesson notes on Vectors. With all of the specialist notation so readily to hand it really is a joy to use.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 17/10/07 9:33PM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

Whatever your view, please vote in the current drobe poll which is on the TechWriter to LaTeX issue.

It's on the right hand side of drobe's front page.

Obviously, as well as the percentage, I imagine it will be of interest (especially to Martin Wuerthner) see the actual number of drobe readers who vote for and against LaTeX support.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 12/7/07 8:23AM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

Re: Doesn't Zap have a perfectly adequate LaTeX mode?

David Llewellyn-Jones (flypig) has written an extension to Zap that lets LaTeX be typed in.



and the downloads are available from his website at:


In fact the RISC OS distribution of armTeX is also here along with DVIview - it's all Iyonix compatable.

This material is the current "state of the art" regarding LaTeX on RISC OS.

It's a long way short of what TechWriter could do...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 10/7/07 11:06AM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

In reply to rjek Hi Rob Although I have the TechWriter manual at hand, I can't say I've looked in it more than ten times, and then only to look up something very specific - I remember looking up how to set up a matrix once. ( although, in reterospect, it's obvious ) Just press some buttons - see what happens - live a little ! More seriously, it does force your documents to be structured in a certain way which, if what you really want is Desk Top Publishing, is going to feel restrictive. But the point of TechWriter (and LaTeX) is to forget about the document style and focus on what you want to say. TechWriter is a model RISC OS application that works in standard and intuitive ways in the RISC OS style.

In reply to Jwoody Hi James, I've looked up Mackichan's Scientific Word - $748.50 seems a lot (as I'm not a student) to find out if it can come close to matching TechWriter + RISC OS GUI. My goodness - how little we pay for our RISC OS applications ! Would anyone who is competent in using both care to comment ?

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 9/7/07 11:00AM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

In reply to Jwoody Hi James - I have LyX on my Windows laptop and I am using it to check that the LaTeX I get after translating the TeX that comes out of TechWriter is satisfactory. You are rather missing the point which is that if TechWriter could export LaTeX we'd have a LaTeX file writer that was far better than what is available on other platforms. That is because, not only is TechWriter a fantastic way of producing mathematics but, as it says in the article, combined with the RISC OS GUI it would be a killer application. It's not just playing catch up it would put RISC OS ahead.

In reply to rjek Hi Rob - That's a good point about LaTeX file import. One step at a time, 'eh ?

In reply to killermike Hi Michael - LyX, on Windows, struggles to import the TeX that comes out of TechWriter - If TechWriter TeX was more standard, I'd probably not have had to look into what was going on. As it is, translating TW TeX to LaTeX first gave me easier file code to then edit by hand. I tried not to be too technical in the article but I've actually been up to my kneck sorting this out for myself - With help, I can produce the LaTeX files I require from TW TeX but it's not a slick process.

In reply to Ginger Hi Stephen - Yes, I can produce LaTeX code by hand but that misses the point of using LaTeX which is that, as an author, you can focus on the content of what you are writing rather than producing format and layout and certainly not having to surround it in technical computer code.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 8/7/07 1:47PM
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On Manage your life with ToDo:

It's great to have a software review on drobe - Folks often complain about the lack of software for RISC OS but I think the truth is that most of us are not aware of half the stuff that is out there. I enjoyed visiting the ToDo webpage which is a buzzy place with lots of interest. Why did I not know of this cool page ? It's a shame people aren't a bit more enthusiastic about the Paul Vigay's Acorn web-ring - We really ought to get ourselves more connected.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 7/7/07 8:56PM
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On Archive ed Paul quits magazine:

Good luck to both Paul and Jim with the changeover - it must be hard for Paul to let go of his 'baby'.

One question: Do the famous Beverly bow ties now also pass over to Jim ?

I agree with Bluenose : I too hope that we still see Paul around at the shows.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 21/6/07 11:04PM
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On Wakefield 2007 show report:

Neat report and the show photos give a real feel for what the new venue was like.

I particularly enjoyed matching the names in the photo captions with the faces. The faces I knew. The names I knew. I've now matched several up that previously I wasn't sure about.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 29/5/07 10:06AM
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On How to port RISC OS 5 to the RiscPC:

Crumbs - why would anyone want RISC OS 5 on a Risc PC ? I'm constantly dragging sprites out of my RISC OS 5 Iyonix and onto my Risc PC so that I can use the select version of Paint. And using Edit on an Iyonix after you've got used to the select version feels like leaping back ten years; gosh, the strange way RISC OS 5's Edit still does a combined cut and paste in one move is not cute - just bloody annoying. Nope, I have no intention of installing a downgrade on my RISC PC, thanks. I'm with JWCR 100% on this one.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 30/1/07 10:36PM
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On Top RISC OS-aware school seeks new staff:

Sharon Pointeer is a familiar figure at various RISC OS shows throughout the year: I've spoken with her several times. If you are trying to picture her, she sometimes wears a highly visable green and pink vertically striped jacket - not quite your average depury head ! The school sounds a great place to work. Incidentally, I hadn't realised there was a "RISC OS in Schools Webring" until I visited (just now) the Knightsfield School website.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 30/1/07 9:47PM
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On 32bit Insignia released for free:

Chaps - as someone who grabbed it at around 6am this morning I can confirm that you are right : it was on the download page with a red flash next to it saying "new" and now it is not.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 10/1/07 9:42PM
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On 32bit Insignia released for free:

It's working fine for me. What a lovely program. I can see that I'm going to have great fun with it. Many thanks a4com and John Whitington.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 10/1/07 7:17AM
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On Playing with prime numbers on RISC OS:

Hi Loris. The SHOOT FORWARD idea is great in principal: do something to the early part of the prime number sequence to generate a much bigger term in the sequence. Alas, the proposed SHOOT FORWARD will not bring us financial award. P1 = 2+1 = 3 prime P2 = 2*3+1 = 7 prime P3 = 2*3*5+1 = 31 prime P4 = 2*3*5*7+1 = 211 prime P5 = 2*3*5*7*11+1 = 2311 prime P6 = 2*3*5*7*11*13+1 = 30031 = 59*509 composite As jamesp has pointed out, the value of this construct is that the result must contain a prime that's bigger than any in the list used in its construction but, as we've seen, that bigger prime can be part of a composite. Of course, if you could predict which Ps were going to be prime and which composite we'd be back in business. Alas, which is which seems as mysterious as the primes themselves. P7, P8, P9 and P10 are composite, P11 is prime, and then they are all composite until P75. It's not known if this list contains infinitely many primes.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 10/1/07 6:48AM
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On Playing with prime numbers on RISC OS:

I have just recieved the following comments from

Professor Marcus du Sautoy

Dear Martin

Many thanks for putting a very interesting piece on the web.

It was quite a tough lecture to prepare for 11-14 year olds (the age range I was asked to pitch the lectures at). Probably the most theoretical of all five lectures.

I'm glad you picked up the link from the chess board to the Mersenne primes. I've not seen this done before so I was quite pleased with noticing the easy way of seeing the Mersenne primes on the board - historically of course a little tenuous. . I deliberated about going into more details of how to get the formula but with 39.5 minutes for the lecture there was never a lot of time to play with. But I think the maths is easy enough for keystage 3.

The chess board sequence is one kids of that age seemed to respond well too. They like the idea of how big things can get. And then to use it to give a sense of quite how big the largest Mersenne prime is I thought would make a nice climax.

If you want to get hold of a DVD of the lectures, the RI are making them available at the end of March.

There is a form here to order one:


Best wishes


 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 8/1/07 12:18PM
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On South East 2006 show videos:

In reply to davidb ... but understandable as this, along with a top notch browser, remains a major (and embarassing) shortcoming of RISC OS ...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 1/11/06 7:24PM
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On How to create a modern desktop theme:

I seem to recall that ROL were toying with the idea of taking all of the current desktop sprites and window furnature and making it vector graphic based. Possibly this was to be !Draw based although I half remember (from one of the shows last year) some intense discussion about involving Artworks. To involve ArtWorks would require a module that rendered the built in vector graphics - but it was thought that MW might be willing to help with this (based on the existing free AW viewer). You'd possibly need ArtWorks itself to design a personalised skin for the desktop. The big payoff was to be a desktop with one set of vector based graphics that adjusted to the resolution and colour depths in use more fluidly than having several sets of increasingly memory hungey sprites. (And more of them with each future extension of the OS) The vector graphics based WIMP would also be, alegedly, more future proof.

So, from this point of view, ROL were/are probably reluctant to invest time in tarting up the existing sprite based system which they seemed (at the time) to be viewing as a dead end part of the OS. I don't know if any serious developement of this idea has yet taken place by ROL or anyone else though.

Perhaps someone who knows more about the practicalities of all of this than I might like to comment.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 4/10/06 9:46PM
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On Intel wheels out 1.2GHz XScale family:

The Iyonix : Four years old - fancy that. Amazing how time passes. Hmm, yes, I suppose it is about time we all bought a new RISC OS machine - one every four years seems to be what those windoz folks go for.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 28/9/06 8:58PM
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On ROS fan loses Acorn domain in dispute:

The problem with the word 'Acorn' is that, in educational circles, it has long been firmly connected with infant and primary schools. Any company wanting to sell computers to secondary schools and Universities is not giving its products the image boost it could by branding itself 'Acorn'. It's saying 'I'm a childs computer'.

We're well rid of the name.

If another company has decided to repeat a mistake around 25 years ago, then more fool them.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 7/9/06 11:39PM
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On Adjust users get Select site access:

It is unacceptable that some folks who have paid a subscription and recieved nothing in return. The charity argument does not wash either because people did not subscribe in the knowledge that they were making a donation to a charity. For my part, I paid for a set of Adjust ROMs and recieved them by return of post which, to me, is the right way to do business. However, I do not believe that the intention at ROL was to deceive. I am sure if they could afford to do so, they would refund money or give a longer subscription for the monies paid. (More than the three months already given). I suspect that they can not, at the moment, afford to do so. However, this state of affairs, if it remains unresolved, must surely be killing any future for the ROL subcription scheme.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/8/06 9:00PM
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On New Iyonixes shipping with Nvidia FX52 cards:

I wonder how worthwhile it will be to redesign the motherboard simply to stick with the existing Iyonix. Better to double up that job with a redesign that includes a faster processor (800 MHz) or a miniturisation of the board for possible use in a smaller box, or even a laptop. Just a random, and probably not a very practical, thought...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 20/8/06 12:43PM
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On CinoDVD project paused:

I'm often surprised when the schoolkids I teach show me that their latest mobile phone can be turned into a £5 sounding transistor radio and expect me to be impressed. There is a lot of muddled thinking about what a computer is for and, if it's a big effort, perhaps geting DVD's to play on an Iyonix is pointless. All the same, one thing often leads to another and I think it is a shame that this project has stalled.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 20/8/06 12:29PM
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On BBC BASIC turns 25:

BASIC on the Iyonix has had a small number of enhancements and bug fixes added which are documented at;


I've avoided using them where they would scupper backwards compatability with the RiscPC or sideways compatability with the Omega and A9.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 3/8/06 11:37PM
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On BBC BASIC turns 25:

As I write BBC BASIC code every day, I suppose I should make some comments.

The outstanding features of the language are the powerful EVAL command, the ease with which strings can be manipulated, the readability of the code, the fact that it's compact enough to run faster than it should by fitting into the StrongARM's cache, and the grace with which ARM machine code can be inserted when extra speed is required.

As a developer, I've greatly appreciated that code I originally wote on an A5000, transfered without needing modification first to the RiscPC 6 & 700s, then StrongArm, then Omega, Iyonix and A9. My MathMagical software now contains a BBC Basic RunImage file that is 1,061,956 bytes (surely one of the biggest BBC BASIC programs written ?) and I've never experienced any instability as this has steadily progressed over the last five years to its present size. (although I will eventually run out of line numbers)

Limitations ? Well, I wish it could handle complex numbers, and that EVAL could cope with having equations containing algebraic Matricies passed to it. Personally, I think the way to extend the language is via modules rather than tinker with something that has been so thoroughly debugged. Perhaps it is a shame that no widely accepted BBC BASIC Library has emerged as a standard for this language similar to that which C programmers enjoy.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 3/8/06 8:15PM
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On Interview with a ROS Open shareholder:

An excellent and thought provoking article; I'm glad drobe has rescued it while it remains relevant.

With regards to the forked OS, I personally, and with a sad reluctance, still don't see where the realistic commercial motivation comes from that will drive either Castle or ROL to devote resources to merging the diverging branches.

Not that it bothers me as much as it used to; my Iyonix and RiscPC are networked together and I've become used to running applications where speed is an issue on the Iyonix and hoping back to the RiscPC to use the vastly improved !Draw, !Paint and !Edit, for example.

( What continues to seriously irritate is the lack of a competent RISC OS web browser. )

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/7/06 11:09PM
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On RISC OS Christmas roadshow details finalised:

In Reply to Neil: I am in no doubt that Paul would welcome you aboard the RoadShow. It is a big job to organise this at such short notice. Developers who would like to be there need to show a bit of initiative and get in touch with Paul asap.

Incidentally; this is my first comment to drobe from an Iyonix running FireFox.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 17/11/05 10:01AM
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On Is this the widest RISC OS desktop yet?:

Wow - it is so tempting to get this just to "show off" what Iyonix can be made to do. Amazing and cool.

I fully concur with the article's jokey reference to a "certain unavailable DVD player": now that is what we really, really want.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 5/9/05 9:24PM
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On Qercus moves to in-house production:

Personally, as a subscriber, I'm not to bothered by the delays. Perhaps I should be.

I do prefer the quality of the production, in comparison to what Acorn User had become, and issues of Qercus are worth keeping.

On the other hand, such long delays wreck any feeling of momentum with the various series of articles and tutorials.

I guess if Qercus is to be bi-monthly or quarterly or even just pre-a-show, it'd be nice if that was stated rather than the readership being led ot expect one thing and receiving something else.

But John's such a jolly nice bloke, I forgive him.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 5/9/05 9:14PM
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On Castle push BASIC compiler:

In rely to chimpy

Are you sure you understand what christ is saying ?

It seems logical to me that once a variable is delared local to a procedure it should also be visable to any (sub)procedure called from within that procedure, unless it is declared as local in the (sub)procedure, of course - although that would be coding to obscure rather than clarify.

Maybe I've just got so used to BBC BASIC that what to others seem quirks seem to promote ease of coding to me.

The lack of EVAL is the major reason I'd avoid compiling BBC BASIC. It flys like the wind anyway. There is always machine code if speed is really an issue.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 1/9/05 1:03PM
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On Oregano, Firefox and NetSurf reviewed:

Hi folks.

Just to answer a couple of questions asked.

As it says in the article, I downloaded and used the latest versions of Firefox, and NetSurf, as of five days ago.

I was also careful to make sure I had the latest versions of the supporting modulues such as TINCT which both Firefox and NetSurf use.

I also upgraded my Iyonix flash ROM to the latest version of RISC OS 5 using !IyoUpWtch.

The version of Oregano 2 which I used is, effectively, that which came free with my Iyonix when I bought it in February 2004. I actually received this via a CD a few months later as I couldn't then access it for download via the Internet at that time.

But I didn't want to clutter up the article with to much dry and technical detail, and, as some readers have pointed out, with Oregano 3 coming, and the ongoing development of Firefox and NetSurf, this article will be out of date, (hopefully !) by the year's end.

It is very interesting to have the feedback that is coming in of other user's experiences and preferences with these browsers.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 25/8/05 12:35PM
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On Mailing list opens for RiscCAD users:

In reply to petermcc

You may already know this but on the xample website it is stated that;

"At the moment en new release of TopModel is being prepaired. It will offer a new and improved user interface and will be bundled with many tools. Furthermore the price will be reduced drasticly. Watch this space... "

Maybe worth emailing them with what you'd like to see in the updated version.


 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 24/8/05 2:30PM
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On Official Repton t-shirts on sale:

I see Dave is selling these via eBay.

I noticed on eBay a few weeks ago, and more are now available, t-shirts with the original retro Acorn green nut upon them and the word "Acorn" in what seems to be the correct font and style.

8.99ukp is the starting bid - four or so are usually available.

Just do an eBay search on "t-shirt acorn".

The Repton shirt looks a nicer item of clothing to me, mind.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 16/8/05 4:32PM
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On News in brief:

In reply to wuerthne:

Thanks for the clarification - I and, I guess, the article stand corrected.

(And am perfectly happy that that should be so)

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 9/8/05 12:39AM
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On News in brief:

I find Martin Wuerthner's comment thought provoking.

I guess all software developers face a dilema over how much time to invest in enhancing existing software as opposed to creating new product.

And, of course, it's quite possible that more financially rewarding opportunities outside of RISC OS altogether come along to steal a developer away from the platform.

I reminds me of a David Pilling comment, quite some time ago, about how he realised there was a point at which an existing product was best left alone for a while and a new project developed instead.

A lot of ArtWorks users will be disappointed it ArtWorks has hit this situation. Or, perhaps, it is just that PDF support, in particlar, is difficult and time consuming to add.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 8/8/05 9:25PM
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On Cooling a RiscPC:

In Winter, in my classroom, it's lovely and snug with twenty RISC PCs and their old CRT VDUs ticking over.

In Summer, well, teachers; we have a third of the year off.

So overheating RISC PCs are not a problem for me.

Ha, ha !

(Hate mail, come hither...)

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 28/7/05 4:47PM
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On MicroDigital incommunicado:

I guess that working Omega's are going to be much sought after by collectors of RISC OS machines in years to come.

Those who have bought one may, just may, get the last financial laugh.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 27/7/05 12:50PM
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On Work starts on DataPower 3:

Five megabytes strikes me as an impressive amount of code from one person for a single program. Good on Alan Wrigley for taking it on and developing it further.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 9/7/05 11:19AM
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On Mac VirtualRiscPC undaunted by Apple x86 switch:

In reply to ROHC .... because it allows RISC OS to run on more mainstream hardware at comparable speeds and does so in a way that is stable and robust and....

vauguely and not exactly in reply to mrchocky ... has not raised comatibility issues. (As far as I'm aware)

I don't personally use my A6 windows machine running Virtual RISC PC (It's my daughter's machine) but for a lot of RISC OS folks, such set ups had given them a way to remain involved in the RISC OS world while also being in WindowLand, the latter often being essential for work or educational reasons.

Although Virtual Acorn is not for me, quite possibly it may well have been what kept, and is keeping, RISC OS Ltd/Developments going until, perhaps, the A9home comes along....

....and, in consequence, select for Iyonix becomes a possibility....

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 14/6/05 10:03AM
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On Mac VirtualRiscPC undaunted by Apple x86 switch:

The entire business of Mac OS X running on these fast and powerful x86 Intel Chips makes one wonder if it could be possible to likewise get RISC OS running 'natively' on such hardware.

I know this idea has been dismissed as involving too much work to be practical in the past, but one can't help wondering, " what if ? ".

The Virtual Acorn emulator is an amazing advance for RISC OS, but the MacMen seem to be going one better...

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 14/6/05 8:24AM
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On "Vast majority" of ROS 4 now 32bit:

As a daily user of the Adjust ROMs on a StrongARM and an Iyonix (Networked together), it's the Select enhancements to !Paint and !Draw that I have most enjoyed. I use !Paint and !Draw a lot, and I always hop back to the StrongARM to do so. But the Iyonix is faster, and when an app needs a bit more speed it's real nice to have the extra boost the Iyonix can provide. BASIC, in particular, is very much faster, more so than you'd expect, on the big I. Just a ramble on my usage patterns.... Martin Hansen.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 22/04/05 4:04PM
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On South West 2005 show report:

With regards to the hard disc issues: What I understood Paul to be saying was that is was not sensible for RISC OS to continue to allow users to fill up bigger and bigger hard drives. He mentioned "Blue Ray" as the next step in home backup but also that that is already likely to be inadequate by the time it is mainstream. He said that the existing part of RISC OS that deals with all of this needs reworking anyway and, to me, he seemed to be saying that ROD Ltd should do this in a way that future proofed the system. I imagine that future proofing would include being able to user set the partition size. (?)

Formatting so that PCs could read our hard drives and partitioning are ideas being discussed within ROD Ltd and Paul put them out, almost to see if any strong reaction resulted. No one in the show theatre seemed particularly bothered by these suggestions; I imagine he'll be reading the drobe.co.uk reactions with interest.

I don't think that Paul or ROD is trying to force anything upon us: it's all still at the idea stage and he is seeking opinion.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 01/03/05 4:22PM
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On Cross platform development:

Inspired by Peter Naulls' comment: What counts as a large program ? TurtleChalk's BBC BASIC !RunImage is now up to 627 K but I guess that must still be small as it can still function fine on an A5000, and the entire package still squashes onto a single floppy disc. It's taken three years of "free time" development to get to this size but I've yet to hit any barrier due to the inherent nature of BASIC: I guess eventually I'll hit the 64000 lines of code limitation but probably not for another three years ! The EVAL function is my favourite - and string handling superb but I'm not trying to convert anyone to BASIC: Most folks become proficient in one or two languages and, unless major limitations start to prevent them doing what they want to do, are going to stick with what they know regardless of what thers say. One point: BBC BASIC is surely more acurately described as a late 70's language including, as it does, several ideas from PASCAL. It was quite an advance, in its day, on the BASICs that went before.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 03/10/04 09:59AM
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On A better desktop clock:

Well done, on finding, not one, but two solutions to the problem. It remains odd that it just did it on my Iyonix... Where should I look on my Iyonix to see what's likely to be diffeent to yours, or is it not that simple ? It would be nice if we could find a simple fix for non-technical minded folks who've run into this problem. Is "compile it with gcc and unixlib" easy to describe - I certainly wouldn't know how to do that, but then, looking at the C code in !Tock is my first mess around with C - I was trying to spot what Modules it was calling but failed. I may try using the A310Em solution too, just out of curiousity. I presume it's on the web if I do a search....

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 19/08/04 08:20AM
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On A better desktop clock:

Hi Phil, There is another module that's a library used by C code. Could you look up the version of the ABClibrary on your Iyonix.

It'll be in !Boot.Resources.!System.310.Modules. Shift+Click on the module to look at the code which will be gook but a version number will be amounst the meaningless stuff near the start. (Put that in so others can follow what's going on)

Mine is 4.14 (29 Nov 2002) and I wonder if yours is earlier than this. There must be a reason why my Iyonix created the files correctly and now we have two cases where not.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/08/04 11:56PM
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On A better desktop clock:

Hi Colin, How very odd. I'm at a loss to explain it. My Iyonix is still OS 5.05, so it'd be interesting if anyone else with 5.06 has the same problem. It's long shot but as it's C code so it might be worth checking that you've got the latest Clib installed. (I have) It's is version 5.47 (06 Jan 2004) and it's in !Boot.Resources.!System.310.Modules Maybe someone with a more technical mind can suggest what the problem might be ?

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/08/04 8:26PM
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On RISC OS 4.39 and 4.02 pricings confirmed:

Spriteman & Malcome Yes, you do make good points. It would certainly be daft if the OS split resulted in applications software for one half not working on the other. And it does seem reasonable to conclude that effort is being duplcated rather than pushing the OS forward as a coherent whole. I suppose the positve view is to see Castle and RISC OS Ltd as doing a little dance around each other. Perhaps each is thinking that what the other has achieved is impressive; Both have proved that they have the technical ability and the vision to advanced RISC OS significantly and sell the resulting product in a tough market-place. It would be nice if some unification could take place. Or are market forces going to drag them off further in different directions, and with different priorities to attend to ?

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 25/02/04 1:47PM
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On RISC OS 4.39 and 4.02 pricings confirmed:

All of the RISC OS players have to be cautious about keeping their financial resources focussed on what can realistically and rapidly bring back a return on time and effort investments. Recent years have seen this work well with Castle successfully launching the Iyonix with 32 bit RISC OS 5, RISC OS Ltd's steady development of RISC OS 4 and, crucially, the entire market not been dragged down when one of the players gets it wrong. The "price" we pay for the cautiousness, is each company not wanting to be in a postion where key parts of their plan depend on another company delivering on a promise. I think it is healthy to have the OS split and I don't have any problem with supporting both RISC OS 5, when I buy my Iyonix, or RISC OS 4.39, which I intend to buy as soon as it's out. Some diversity is good, and a lack of it is the major flaw in the current global situation where Microsoft over-dominates.

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 23/02/04 2:45PM
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On RISCDomain finale reviewed:

Anyone for a game of tennis, chaps ?

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 18/12/03 4:19PM
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On Castle confident in Scotland:

In reply to Stuart Nice to read your views. An interesting read. Why not try submitting them to drobe news ? Not sure that that many people make it all the way down here !

 is a RISC OS Usermartin on 12/12/03 08:56AM
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  • South West 2009 show report
    Martin Hansen describes his time as both a punter and an exhibitor at this year's annual RISC OS event held in the south west of the UK. While there were no major announcements ahead of the show, the otherwise friendly and mildly busy atmosphere was coloured by Friday's tragic loss of Paul Vigay.
     3 comments, latest by mosschoppers on 1/3/09 8:15PM. Published: 23 Feb 2009

  • The new apple of my eye
    Would you swap your dusty Acorn for a polished Apple computer? Martin Hansen has been checking out the world of Steve Jobs and his range of shiny kit.
     15 comments, latest by adh1003 on 6/1/09 1:06PM. Published: 17 Nov 2008

  • The houses that RISC OS built
    New homes designed and produced using RISC OS kit
     14 comments, latest by vshears on 12/5/07 12:23PM. Published: 28 Apr 2007

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  • Archive magazine reviewed
    A media watch special
     10 comments, latest by diomus on 27/10/07 12:01PM. Published: 23 Oct 2007

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  • Watch TV on your Iyonix
    Castle's machine gets further PCI headstart
     33 comments, latest by ksattic on 09/07/03 07:23AM. Published: 6 Jul 2003

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