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Username: nodoubt73
Realname: Luca Piotto
About me:See web site
Homepage: http://www.lp666.net/
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On ROX founder: Why I brought RISC OS to Unix:

"Castle and ROL need to communicate the advantages more clearly."

This is the key. Everytime I talk to normal people (=not computer geeks) they know about Win, they know about Mac, they even know about Linux (ofcourse they have not any clue about what they are), but NONE of them have ever heard about RISCOS.

W/O advertising there's no business. RISCOS web site looks crap, there's no advertising in computer mags or via google ads. In a fast computer world like the one we're living in, you've no hopes if you don't move faster & faster. Today who hates Win, wanna MAC, and who wanna be "intimate" with the machine wants Linux. The fun is that RISCOS can be as much MAC-like or as much LINUX-like as one wants, as it's simpler than mac and deeper than linux.

 is a RISC OS Usernodoubt73 on 4/8/07 7:19AM
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On Alternative Shared C Library in development:


well, good luck ;)

 is a RISC OS Usernodoubt73 on 21/3/06 3:27PM
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On Alternative Shared C Library in development:

gdshaw: I may not be a real company, but I am a real person. In any case, anyone can support a program once it......

I know you're a real person. The problem is that RiscOs exists "thanks" to real companies. I'd be the 1st one going for an open source riscos. The problem we have is that there are coupla companies out there that should do things like the one you're doing... or, at least, should pay you for that. I repeat: it's ok for me. Write what you want and even send it to me so I'll be another tester for your work. This is fine. Let's re-write every single library and modulee. I am fine with that. But then we should stop all those topics about RiscOS vs others OS, on a matter of market share. Let's stop with everything. Ah, we should even start building our own hardware at home :)

 is a RISC OS Usernodoubt73 on 21/3/06 7:36AM
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On Alternative Shared C Library in development:

adamr: "bla bla bla ....shouting about "independant" programmers (so what?) I can't make out what your arguments are."

As I stated, I was connecting back to the interesting thread after the poll *Investing in RISCOS Ltd*, a poll you didn't post a single line and probably missed (?). I've nothing against this programmer developping something. It's ok. But Where is RiscOS going if one of the most important libraries are not clearly supported by a real company? All written above (when replies go over unix topic, the fact that riscos allows to "switch" between more than one SCL easily....) is correct and I agree. And even like it, just because I use RiscOS for fun, I use RiscOs because I like it and am interested in computers. But when we pretend to have an OS that should placed by the side of Win or Mac, how could we stand these facts? I mean, Mr.User will ever be able to switch between different SCL? It's all ok, if *WE* use RiscOS. But RiscOS market won't get out of where it is stuck now. That was my point.

 is a RISC OS Usernodoubt73 on 20/3/06 1:55PM
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On Alternative Shared C Library in development:

As already discussed in the comments of "Investing in RISCOS Ltd..." poll, this news really brings sadness. Quoting the above news: "The SCL is a core operating system component that provides applications with a fundamental level of functionality"

This means there's such a mess in RiscOS world that such an important componet is being developed by.... an INDIPENDENT PROGRAMMER. Hail :) to Graham, but how could an OS pretend to fight market when it's all about an indipendent programmer??? Ofcourse, add all the points we did raise in the poll discussion.

This is taking us nowhere. Really. Little OS, barely known, no real HW supporting it, and now we must rely on a private progammer to have somethign working. This sounds bad, really bad.

 is a RISC OS Usernodoubt73 on 18/3/06 9:53AM
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