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On Iyonix range taken off the market:

Rjek, Think what I meant to say was that the Iyonix was the last vestige of what could be identified as a stand-alone pc type box that runs on pure RiscOS (not emulated); a product that most people recognise as a desktop computer.

The A9Home (which is what I'll probably buy now at the SE Show), isn't readily identifiable as a desktop unit. It falls between a portable HD and a RiscOS computer. You still need to buy other external media to let it function more fully; disc readers etc. And from what I remember, you can't print from it without spending cash on 3rd party software, or by being networked to a nearby M$ PC. Whereas the Iyonix is/was the all-singing, all-dancing big rectangular box that you plug and play on.

Does this help clarify?


 is a RISC OS Userpjjmcc on 28/9/08 11:31PM
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On Iyonix range taken off the market:

Ouch! That's all we need. The single OS dedicated desktop manufacturer to drop out. I understand that forked OS argument etc. but as Castle is still trading, the legacy issues between Castle and RiscOS still prevail. I really fail to see how this situation helps any of us who are keen to see RO continue, and development to prosper. The ONLY real decision that would affect us all positively is when the forked OS merges, and all RO industry starts to sing from the same hymn sheet. Then, and then only, will inward funding allow software development relevant to 2008-9 arrive.

I wonder if this situation has been exacerbated by the banking industry's reluctance to lend to anything other than sound, low-risk ventures. How many bridging loans have Iyonix Ltd had to take in the past years?

So what now? Has the A9 had anything done to it to make it a reliable, fully functioning unit that will comfortably plug this gap in the market?

...and yes, welcome back Drobe. Good to see ya!



 is a RISC OS Userpjjmcc on 28/9/08 8:20PM
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On Building a RISC OS laptop out of Lego:

Paul (again)

just so you can get an idea of 3D printing, try this



 is a RISC OS Userpjjmcc on 27/11/07 4:49PM
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On Building a RISC OS laptop out of Lego:

For Paul S,


Short term you would be well placed to use wood in many of its possible forms. It's the prototype modelling material of many model makers. You can get flexible plywood and bendy timber too. Otherwise visit a local radio-control model shop. They have lots of lovely modelling materials, natural and manmade that can be shaped with simple tools. If you're feeling adventurous, you could buy a lot of modelling clay and get busy. This is at least re-useable. Once you have your form set,you could then use it as a mould for a fibreglass casting or similar. Wood is cheap and readily available. Once you have an approximate form that you are happy with, you could try and find a college/company/individual who could then manufacture a next stage model with the many 3D modelling printers that are now available. They can "print" your components and form factors into a more polished product. HTH.



 is a RISC OS Userpjjmcc on 27/11/07 4:23PM
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