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On Video editing on a RiscPC:

In reply to timephoenix:

Cineworks is available freeware and this version seems to work fine on 4.02 - the prevision comercial version didn't it would crash all the time. So down load and play (there is also a scanned copy of the manual on the web somewhere). As has been said the ability to import current standards is very limited and ARMovie files are rather big - full screen PAL in Cineworks is about 1.2GB per minute (if I remember from looking last night). Videodesk only works if you have the hardware and looking at both of them cineworks has better titling and effects, but videodesk has a nicer editting interface, but Cineworks an't bad (and it does Realtime effects preview). If Cineworks could read DV then it would actually be a very good freeware editor.

What to buy today for entry level. Defineitly a DV camera - and a PC or Mac with firewire and either Adobe premier elements (PC) and final cut express for mac. Both will provide you with the same type of interfrace as both cineworks and videodesk and similar functionality, but have alot more tranisition/titling effects (not that this really matters). Don't bother with prepackaged editors for XP or OS X unless you want something very simple. They just aren't that fun to use.

For the top end you have Final Cut Pro (on mac) or Premier on mac or PC. Both seem very good. But both will probably cost mroe then an entry level PC.

Good to see people enjoyed the article and hope you like the video when it is put on Drobe soon.


 is a RISC OS Userpmnoble on 20/10/05 5:02AM
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On Independent Select for Iyonix interest list opened:

Video editing. As someone who is sitting infront of my 11 year old riscpc using videodesk to edit full screen video (all the of the effects use the strongarm chip) obviously it isn't possible on the riscpc. Yes the final output and any output uses the videodesk card, but the effects are done on the strongarm (I tried with a 610 as well - 11 times slower). To do some effects on the full screen video it takes about .5 seconds per frame for a cross fade. This an't real time, but then it isn't too slow either and most video editting is just cutting and moving scenes around with with odd fade/disolve. Yes others will do lots of special fx, at least for the stuff I do it isn't a problem.

So what we need is a firewire card and then the ability to display dv on the screen, and it probably won't matter if we even had to drop some frames. I would then use something like Cineworks which actually looks rather nice and is far better then the prepacked windows/mac products.

On the RiscPC is record at 1.4MB per second, DV 3.5MB, but my ide interface can't handle that and VHS/SVHS is only upto about 1.8MB per second.

Anyway back to my videodesk project - its a small one only about 1.6GB, the largest I have done so far is 3 hours and 9GB raw video, 16Gb total size including additional edits and effects (fades).


 is a RISC OS Userpmnoble on 12/10/05 09:13AM
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On Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher?:

Seems I was wrong, from talking to our techies , jpegs aren't an issue for us.


 is a RISC OS Userpmnoble on 21/02/05 07:28AM
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On Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher?:

Reply to Rob,

We do already ban those type of files. we haven't yet got to jpegs and others which can now contain virus type code.


 is a RISC OS Userpmnoble on 20/02/05 6:22PM
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On Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher?:


I should have said sometimes it can take 3 days. But only one of those a year can cause significant issues to businesses. In the case inpoint, the virus was release on a sunday US time, in NZ it was monday, they released the signature update Tuesday US tme, about 1 working day for them, and 2 working days for us. As I said we run 2 stand corp different brands of virus protection and sometimes it just takes time for a signature update to come. That virus did lots of damage world wide so we weren't the only ones affected.

The options around suspend have other issues around profile management and network connection, that more technical people than I worry about.


 is a RISC OS Userpmnoble on 20/02/05 01:33AM
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