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On NetSurf bags GBP10K investment from Google:

How did this go in the end?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 24/11/08 2:17PM
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On Select 4 upgrade pack released:

Well thats something ROS can boast about - the lastest version is newer than anything Windows has turned out

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 3/11/07 8:05PM
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On Review: A9home v. Koolu:

A very interesting article. I think the tables at the end of it really highlight the problem with the A9 - for well under 1/2 the price of an A9 home I can get a machine which is not only smaller but also has a vastly superiour spec (and a finished OS ;) ) . Don't get me wrong, I think that the advantage six boys have done a wonderful job in creating the A9 home and the high price reflects the fact that it is a small market.... but I just do not see how it could ever compete more widely or attract outside users, in its current form and price.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 18/10/07 6:03PM
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On Java and RISC OS:

On the Java thread of thought (but slightly OT) for programming on Linux I use the Eclipse IDE (yes, I realise that even if we did get Java on ROS, it would run horribly slow) and I really like that IDE. For development that I do on my RPC does anyone have any suggestions of a good IDE or editor - I know that Zap and stronged exist, but I would really like an editor that allows me to navigate easily through the files that make up my code. For development on ROS (whether its serious or for fun) what do most people use?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 26/09/07 12:19AM
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On Java and RISC OS:

Personally I would love to have a fully functioning Java implementation on ROS- but what I use it for is niche. I think as mentioned performance would be a major issue. One thing I think is regardless of how useful people might find it generally, there is a large amount of Java code out there and having Java available would allow for a relative ROS novice to be able to pick a piece of this code and run it - a viable none Java alternative might not exist for ROS and even though it might be slow, something is generally better than nothing.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 24/09/07 4:36PM
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On New free MSN client available for all:

Out of interest Chris, in order to perform the shtml required for logging on, did you use a third party thing such as curl or did you write the code directly into it? From what I understood at the time (and I might be completely off) having to authenticate via shtml was a major problem for the existing clients when MS changed the protocol.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 20/9/07 5:17PM
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On New free MSN client available for all:

I downloaded it the other day and think its really good. The lack of a free client was for me, up to this point, one of the drawbacks to using my ROS machine... thanks to all involved for producing it

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 19/9/07 10:26AM
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On New MSN client in development:

Sounds all good - I look forward to using it when the author decides to release it. When the software reaches the release stage, will it still be freeware? I have thought for a while that its a shame we do not have a free MSN client available, like many other platforms. I appreciate that of course for a company to write a client then they require some repayment, but I think that a free client might make the platform more attractive to potential users

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 11/9/07 1:28PM
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On Samsung's 533MHz A9home CPU successor:

Interesting point nijinsky, but there has been much discussion about porting and the issues and cost associated with it in the past. What I wonder about its feasibility is that if an emulator such as RPCEmu were to be combined with the Linux kernel (like you suggested) - to the uninitiated user it would look transparent and with modern hardware and emulators then it might outperform a RISC PC.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 14/8/07 10:41AM
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On RPCEmu author mulls future features:

I agree with Jaffa, networking would be the feature I would most like to see - I think if that was supported then the emulator would be very very useful

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 27/7/07 11:54AM
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On ROX founder: Why I brought RISC OS to Unix:

mripley - I can understand where you are comming from, although I would suggest trying ROX for a while before you confine the RPC to the bin. I use ROX everyday in the office (need Linux for work) and within this context it is a good solution (I much prefer it to gnome, kde etc... and it makes a Linux desktop bearable for me) however personally it does not replace RISC OS - the feel and user experience I get from RISC OS is still unique and is still my prefered computer at home.

lproven - I think you made a very interesting point about the MS "patents", although without the list being released who knows!

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 26/7/07 10:45AM
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On June news in brief:

Changing the topic somewhat (but still on the article) - I am really impressed with RPCEmu and would like to thank and congratulate Tom Walker on his work so far - it is very useful on my Unix machine and works very well.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 25/06/07 3:43PM
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On June news in brief:

As far as Riscpedia is concerned, I don't think that it is a bad idea as such, however to me in the current incarnation it seems that charging people to search it is not particularly useful. IMHO it would be a lot more beneficial (and available as a showcase of the power of her webserver) if the author opened it up and invited people to browse and submit articles freely so that it could be built up into a powerful resource by the community.

It is nice to see new development and I wish author good luck with her project

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 21/6/07 4:43PM
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On June news in brief:

Loading the search page seems very slow to me - I appreciate that there are many factors affecting this sort of thing, but do people think that the fact that it is running from (possibly) a RPC or similar class machine make a big impact?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 20/6/07 1:20PM
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On June news in brief:

A ROS search engine is an interesting idea, although (even if it was free) how much it would be used is questionable IMHO. Its a shame that the author has not contacted the community to contribute articles and build it up.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 20/6/07 11:09AM
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On Oregano 3 scrapped:

Rob, I read a few days ago that they have got a deal to produce new Amiga hardware, might be wrong but the link is [link] if your at all interested. I think from what Malcom was saying, he was using the chinese firm as an example, personally I much prefer Risc OS but can see the sense in what he is saying. Its seemed that its always been the case that we as ROS users can look at Amiga users and take comfort in the fact that there is a user base worse off than us - it would be a real shame if this shifted.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 27/04/07 10:15AM
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On Oregano 3 scrapped:

I think there is plenty to keep people interested and we are in a much better position than many other platforms (such as Amiga, even if they have got new hardware) but I agree with jms that recently the platform has seen some negative activity

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 24/4/07 3:15PM
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On Oregano 3 scrapped:

From reading the two articles linked from this page where O3 was first announced and then when it was shown off at the user group, the situation seems so much more upbeat than we are currently in. Apart from the fact that how it seems that both O3 and Firefox are not to be, we are relient on Netsurf for our browser needs. Also, symbolically its another software company ceasing RiscOS software production.

On another note, what would be the objection of GeneSys to realising their current version to the public (apart from that it might detract from O2 sales) - it seems such a waste for all that work and effort to be completely wasted


 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 24/4/07 1:45PM
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On Could NetSurf 2.0 support JavaScript?:

thanks rjek, thats an interesting read and answers my question. As far as the rest of the team, is there support for John-Mark's POV?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 3/4/07 1:14PM
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On Could NetSurf 2.0 support JavaScript?:

Netsurf is the most used browser on my RISC OS system. I think the team should be congratulated for getting this far - a really good achievement and I'm sure the continued development and interest has kept a fair few people interested in the platform. As far as JS support goes, I agree with alex a bit - having a Linux machine also means that sites which are not compatible with Netsurf I can still view, however is JS was supported then it would be slightly more convenient :)

One question that I wonder from reading the article is just how much foundation work would need to be carried out before JS support could even be started. If the browser requires a new engine then surely thats a hell of a lot of coding needed? What sort of time frame is required and if a new engine is needed then wouldnt that mean a duplication of much of the work already carried out (albeit it in a different direction)?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 3/4/07 12:46PM
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On New user guide for RISC OS 6 as release nears:

I very much agree that this documentation is a good move - maybe not for too many existing users, but if new people are to be attracted to the OS, then clear reference literature about how to use it and the features available are critical (espeicially if the people are not particularly computer literate.)

It strikes me that probably much of this documentation will be relavent to other versions of RISC OS (produced by both Castle and ROL), does anybody know if it will be freely available online to help users and show potential users exactly what ROS is?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 29/3/07 12:20PM
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On Website launches 'help wanted' list:

I find that whenever I use riscos.info to find out whats happening its best to use "recent changes" link - I agree with what you said about it being a shame that the news is not updated more often

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 27/3/07 3:28PM
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On Vigay: I was told to remove my Firefox 2 tutorial:

I dont know the open source agreements at all - or what agreement Firefox is under, but if asked for, does Peter have to give the source code of the RISC OS version up, or can he refuse to?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 22/03/07 11:51AM
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On Vigay: I was told to remove my Firefox 2 tutorial:

Its a great shame for the platform - Peter and Paul have done a lot for it - a lot more than most people who use RISC OS. However, it strikes me that Peter has always asked for help with his ports and due to the technical barriers there are many out there who would like to help but do not have the skills to boot - writting of tutorials etc to benefit other users can generally be a good way these people can contribute, but if there has been contribution made in the want to help users and this is thrown back in the creator'rs face then it must seem like a waste of time helping in the first place. I don't see what is wrong with providing this help until the proper fixed program is available (which would then render Paul's help obsolete.)

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 20/3/07 9:41AM
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On RISC OS Open to run allocations service:

Out of interest, is there a list available online of the current allocations and details about them? I had a look at the allocations website but could not find anything

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 8/3/07 12:01PM
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On Internet Explorer spotted running on a RISC OS:

Out of interest, is Win, Risc still available for purchase? Depending on the price I might be tempted....

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 6/3/07 6:02PM
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On Thunderbird 'demo' port released:

Great news - I think Thunderbird is a really good email client. Out of interest from a technical point of view (and im not suggesting he should have) but what was the reason for excluding it running on Risc PCs? Is it that the other architectures allowed for certain optimistion operations which the Risc PC doesnt, or did Peter just think it would run too slow on a RPC to be usable?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 2/2/07 9:57AM
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On Programming tools set for price slash:

I think thats excellent, £50 for the suite is good value and a massive reduction. Out of interest (and sorry if this has been answered elsewhere) is the suite still being actively developed and maintained?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 26/1/07 2:46PM
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On 25th anniversary of BBC Micro TV series:

Makes me wonder - does anyone regularly use their BBC micro(s) any more? I used to use mine regularlyish up until about five years ago

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 17/1/07 12:17PM
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On RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers:

huum - is it me or did the post I just write come up as (nt) ?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 16/01/07 2:57PM
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On RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers:

no SA110, Im not, it was just cited as a possible reason why RO 5 might be advantageous to exist on a Risc PC. I can see people who are not willing to spend much money upgrading a machine (possibly if they havent used RISC OS for a long time but still have a RISC PC in storage, or if they have newer hardware capable of running RISC OS such as an A9 or Iyonix) finding this useful though. As mrmac said, in the first instance it might even bring some people back to the fold, whence im sure some of them could provide useful contributions.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 15/01/07 3:42PM
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On RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers:

The emphasis was on old machine - people might have upgraded to numerous newer machines in recent times, however RO 5 might breath new life into an old machine in the loft - was just an idea

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 15/1/07 1:53PM
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On RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers:

Good point, I suppose for cost reason, depending on the licence thats drawn up, such a solution might be a significantly cheaper way to upgrade an old machine than RO 4.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 15/1/07 1:37PM
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On RISC OS Open licence in hands of lawyers:

If RISC OS 5 is open sourced, depending on which parts are available, then would it be a lot of work to modify it to run on RiscPC or A9 hardware (or any other ARM based possible future machine for that matter)?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 15/1/07 12:40PM
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On AmigaOS woes show ROS is not alone:

I feel sorry for those Amiga guys, although recently I used AROS (a reasonably similar Amiga OS clone for x86) and was impressed by it, even tho its not finished, it seemed to have plenty of potential.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 9/1/07 6:28PM
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On Best of 2006 awards results:

Well, if the enthusiasts aren't possitive then who will be?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 03/01/07 5:11PM
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On Best of 2006 awards results:

I think Peter should be congratulated on his work - having a well known application such as Firefox on the platform is a major plus and demonstrates, IMHO, that Risc OS isnt some old, dead and buried OS from school years ago - if people get to know that Firefox works on Risc OS then hopefully it should make them realise that its alive and kicking

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 03/01/07 4:03PM
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On BBC BASIC turns 25:

Druck, I do agree partly with the approach of "well, just learn another language" however, as has been highlighted earlier in this thread, there are a number of users out there who really do not want to. As you have pointed out there are probably not enough dedicated users to warrant commercial work, but one of these enthusiasts somewhere might wish to have a go at extending the language for themselves, and if so, what would their best option be?

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 07/08/06 1:55PM
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On BBC BASIC turns 25:

With respect to improving/updating Basic, I dont think its very likely that the source would be released into the public domain. However, do people think that a kind of preprocessor approach might work? By this, I mean adding in some feature (e.g. OO) and then code using this is run through a program which converts it into Basic V compatible code which is then run. Of course its not ideal, but id of thought it would allow for some improvement in the language - especially seeing that assembly can be mixed in with Basic.

 is a RISC OS Userpolas on 07/08/06 12:36AM
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