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ContactAbout me
Username: quatermass
Realname: Stuart Halliday
About me:Born in 1960. Lives in Central Scotland. Married to Lesley.Godfather to Sean Wallace.<P>Likes: Aquariums, Acorn computers, Photography, Web stuff, Doctor Who, Quatermass, bit of programming.
Homepage: http://mytriops.com/
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On Fonts website folds under legal threat:

Not nice to see potential software pirates comments.

If there were fonts on the site which were illegal then surely the people that downloaded them should go and delete them off their hard drive? Not brag here online on how they're glad that they've got a copy!

I presume that the author of the web site did actually check the evidence from LinoType and must have found it to be at leasy partly true? Otherwise the idea of a big company being able to close down web sites just by claiming some kind of theft doesn't bare thinking about...

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 7/10/05 2:45PM
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On The RISC OS File Repository opens:

What's the point of this?

We've had many sites doing a similar project before and they've all failed to be used and end up not being updated.

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 3/8/05 1:56PM
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On Expo 2005 rolls on without MicroDigital:

Have MicroDigital moved premises and not told anyone?

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 7/7/05 3:19PM
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On Acorn Cybervillage needs new webmaster:

Thanks for all the kind comments.

I just wish Drobe hadn't mentioned the exact nature of my illness. It wasn't what the interview was about I believe.

Their refusal to remove it after the article was published wasn't a very nice attitude imho.

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 18/02/05 11:36AM
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On South East show report:

Great to see that the developers of Netsurf are seriously now thinking of adding Javascript to this neat Browser.

Reg. Firefox on RISC OS, I can imagine it will take a fair few megabytes of RAM? Are we talking 30+MB?

All we need next is OpenOffice ported.... ;-)

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 27/10/04 2:09PM
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On RISC OS 5 modernisation to cost millions:


CTL owns RISC OS. We're told ROL have broken terms of their RISC OS license so CTL says ROL can't sell RISC OS to ROL customers.

Are ROL customers going to be happy about this? No.

Will subscribers to Select/Adjust be renewing their subs with ROL? Doubtful.

Will ROLs current sub-licensees be happy at the current situation? No.

Will these sub-licensees be continuing to give ROL money. Doubtful.

So where will ROL be next year? Very likely bankrupt in my opinion.

ROL has put a lot of good features into its RISC OS. These now need to be placed into RISCOS 5.

ROL should give *all* their code to CTL, perhaps in exchange for royality payments? (ROL only have to leagally give core development code to CTL which isn't all the desktop features we like about Select/Adjust).

I don't see why ROL can't continue to sell Select/Adjust to those who want it. Just ensure the features goes into RISC OS 5 as well.

After they're operation in two very different parts of the RISC OS market.

Who needs lawyers.... :-)

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 23/06/04 1:01PM
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On GCC 3.3.3pre1 released:

Great, we've got GCC. Can someone do something useful and port Perl 5.8 to RISC OS? ;-)

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 24/03/04 11:25AM
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On Castle confident in Scotland:

I enjoyed the visit by Castle. Ok, its was a shame there was freezing fog outside and it was a Monday night, so hardly much of an incentive to get into the car or public transport and travle to an airport. Previous and next night was of course perfect weather-wise.

Yes, I was asking lots of questions, because there was a few points I was personally interested in and if you know me you'll know I'm not afraid to ask. :-)

I was a little disappointed to see how long the Iyonix took to open a 128MB USB stick with only 2 files on it and then to learn that it only supports FAT16 at the moment which has a 4GB limit. So I can't stick my 100GB USB harddrive in it! Jack was also a little vague on when USB 2 support would be added (I find USB 1.1 too slow personally).

I did find the Iyonix to be a very fast (and very quiet) computer when performing desktop operations like moving windows, opening directories, loading/saving files all seemed to be a lot faster than my 2GHz Windows PC. Though actually getting real work done like creating a large Zip file or doing a Guass. blur on a large image whilst being slower than my PC was much faster than my RiscPC.

I was amused that whilst Jack talks about the UDMA aspects of the harddrive, the Iyonix on demo couldn't have been using it. The CD-ROM drive and Harddrive were sharing the same IDE channel so by default this channel will drop down to IDE mode 4. Oops. (Hope its not shipped like that?)

I was left feeling that if this machine was ever to come along with a Xscale running at 1GHz it would be a real mean beast to compete against current 2GHz Windows PC.

If I was to be picky I was surprised to see that the Iyonix drops to an unusable 59Hz screen refreash rate on the very large screen modes and it didn't appear to multi-task very well at all when accessing the floppy (worse than my RiscPC in fact).

But I've yet to see any sign that either ROS ltd or Castle are really making an effort to get existing Users off their old nonSA-RiscPCs. These people seem to be quite happy using ARM 6 or 7 processors for some reason.

With the current trend in PCland to make the PC a home entertainment centre, ROS machines need to go down the same route I feel.

MicroDigital have been rumoured to be developing a super small RISC OS motherboard for a potential very small home machine.

No reason why Castle couldn't be doing the same. ;-)

Bringing the home computer into the Living room is really the future of home computers. We need a small, quiet, cool, reliable and fast computer to do this.

The PC will always struggle to do this. With Xscale and RISC OS it would be a doddle!

 is a RISC OS Userquatermass on 11/12/03 10:58AM
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