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On Alpha, VirtualRiscPC revisited:

Chris: I read newspapers and magazines too. Like you i do sometimes not agree with some articles. But these articles are based on facts. Most of the time the jourmalist acts as an impartial bystander and are not "provoking" the story. When i disagree with these kind of articles , i disagree over facts or knowledge. In this case the "disagreement" is simply because it crosses a ( professional) line. And thats something completly different.

The truth is a relative value . Confucius said a nice thing about that. "Truth has a 1000 faces". So what truth is absolute in this case?

And yes , i was there in Nieuwegein. So i watched and enjoyed the prestation of Mr Atkins. Apart from two provoked incidents (one by an employee of XAT and Mr Beverly) it was really great.

And why are you keep going on and on about the suspected things which might not work at the moment? As i recall the iyonix is far from complete either. But i don not hear you say anything about that. In that light i must say you are telling one side of the story. Thus not with nuance.

In you reply it is not difficult to find your personal dislike of Mr Atkins. If you are a journalist or act as one you should realise that letting your personal feelings get in the way is not proper journalism. Since drobe is the most important risc-os news-site on the net is means that those people who do the job need to realise that they have a very important job. Noblesse oblige.

For all "serious" journalists it should be their credo.



 is a RISC OS Userrdenk1 on 24/08/03 09:04AM
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On Alpha, VirtualRiscPC revisited:

Chris :

Every member of the press can write whatever they want. That's one of the cornerstones of European society. But he or she should also realise that even members of the press do need to have a certain ethical and professional attitude. When certain members of the press start to provoke others and thus creating a "news" story i believe that a journalist crosses the line between professional and unprofessional. A journalist covers a story and is in this an impartial bystander. Thats a proffesional attitude. And surely he or she can give his or hers own opinion in an editorial piece. But even then one should realise of its very important and vital task : Keeping other people informed. That means trying to go in-depth were possible and , most of all, write with nuance... Personal feelings like being frustrated should never play a part in news-coverage. Even when a journalist is insulted. Let the reader judge instead of the journalist.

The distrust from MD towards the some members of the press is high. Thatswhy they have choosen not to speak with the press for a certain amount of time.That's IMHO a wise disission since every word from them brought up more dispute. Then its wise to keep silence, to avoid more disputes. Futhermore it was announced. They did it in Wakefield and in Nieuwegein. But their announcement was for the users and not specifically for the press. Some members of the press choose to be sceptical about this. Some did even claim that these machines were pre-production machines....

Dont get me wrong here, i am not a dealer or a friend.I have no involvement with MD what so ever other then that i bought an omega. If a simular thing happend to Castle or in fact any other company, my opinion is the same , and i will stand up and speak.



 is a RISC OS Userrdenk1 on 22/08/03 09:08AM
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On Alpha, VirtualRiscPC revisited:


The Alpha project contradicts what you are writing. In that project MD is working together with Va and ROL.... And beta testers and dealers...

Besides this there is no need for working "very close" with developers since the Omega supports existing software. So they can work on a normal level with them.

The Paul beverly incident was something which was provoked by Mr Beverly. Mr beverly has for quite some time a very bad relation with Mr ATkins so the fact that this happend is not more than normal ( in the light of their relation). Some media blowed the story out of proportion. See iconbar for a more nuanced version of what really happend. This is also much more close to what i recalled what happend that afternoon. ( www.iconbar.com/news/expo2003/md/orginal.html) So IMHO the words and writings of Mr Beverly can hardly be seen as unbiased...

And as i wrote earlier let MD speak for themselves if they wishes to do so. We are not talking here about a serious disagreement on a technical detail. No, we are talking here about a provocation which was responded. I cannot call that a mature /proffesional attitude of Mr Beverly. (And to be honest i have to say this for Mr Atkins as well) So i think by only blaming Mr atkins of this one shows a nice case of "tunnel vision" instead of having a "helicopter view"

And again, i know quite some people who dont have any problem with MD what so ever. The simple fact that they dont feel the need to respond to stories like these doenst mean they are not out there. They are there.. Remember what i wrote.... silence is also a statement.

The fact that you are an atheist , well everybody makes mistakes in life ;-] But being that doesnt mean that certain "golden oldies" of the bible are not familair...

And yes being a naughty guy can be dangerous. It can make you world famous or blow you to oblivion. That's the roll of the dice you take...



 is a RISC OS Userrdenk1 on 21/08/03 9:06PM
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On Alpha, VirtualRiscPC revisited:

The second confucius quote should be :" Man does not stumble over mountains, only over mole-hills".


 is a RISC OS Userrdenk1 on 19/08/03 12:07AM
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On Alpha, VirtualRiscPC revisited:

@Gunnlaugur: Modern market : i ment it in general. It could easily be used in the wonderful world of microwaves ;-]

In the risc os context : Castle, Risc Station and MD are competitors. Competitors compete with each other. They do not drink coffee with each other. Brussels isnt so fond of that idea, especially Mr. Bolkenstein....

P.. off potential buyers : I was a potential buyer, 6 months ago.And in my "potential days" i wasnt p.. off. Futhermore i know some potential buyers at the moment and from what i have learned from them is that they certainly do not feel p.. off by Md at the moment. But again, i can't speak for everyone.

I agree that silence can also be a statement. But intrepreting that statement is allways done by others and not by the one that doesnt speak.... MD have stated over and over again in the last few months that " we dont deal with the press" (literal quote). Can you interpret that as p... off ? I can't. I can only conclude that they ignore the press.

If the press p... off MD and they respond to that, and someone accuses MD of "P.. Off", he or she should also complain about the press. And its quite biblical to retaliate... An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth....;-] IMHO there are two parties to "blame", MD and some members of the press. To use a roughly translated Dutch saying:" In a fight there are two to blame".

Best thing which should be done is that MD and the press should talk with eachother on a "equal level base". Simply because this is not a healthy relation ( for both sides). But i do not see this happening. To use confucius his words:" It takes a wise man to admit his mistakes" and "Man does not stumble over mountains, over mole-hills" .

You suggest that maybe the press turn their backs to MD. I would bring in mind that "banning" a "product" brings ussually the opposite. Remember Frankie goes to Hollywood with "Relax"? Because of the ban number 1 all over the world. Remember the Bennton commercials? Sales skyhigh for Benneton. And i can go on and on. It pays off to be a "naughty guy" in our modern world.



 is a RISC OS Userrdenk1 on 19/08/03 12:03AM
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