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On ROL extends Select offer through January:

@ Peter: I know its a poor compiler, but for some odd reason i like it. I have both GCC and the castle c/c++ suite. First i have to finish my project in WIMP basic then i will start with either the GCC or the Castle suite. But you are absolutly right with your comment. I have now more time to program so i hope that in the next few months i can make my contribute to the risc os world public.

 is a RISC OS Userrdenk144 on 20/01/05 09:05AM
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On Omega welcome guide confirmed:

oops.. pressed the 'add this post' button too soon. For the 49,50 the delivery is worldwide within three days.

 is a RISC OS Userrdenk144 on 12/01/05 7:44PM
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On Omega welcome guide confirmed:


Thats no problem.You can take an insurance for that. The costs are euro 49,50 and euro 2,75 per 450 euro insured value ( first 500 euro is in the 49,50). So still not so expensive than one might think. A roundtrip costs a lot more ;-]


 is a RISC OS Userrdenk144 on 12/01/05 7:42PM
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On Omega welcome guide confirmed:

At our australian an New Zealand users:

Sending a parcel from Europe is cheaper then you might think. Eg: When you buy a diy kit from Castle i assume that the weight is between 5-10 kg. Sending that from the Netherlands to down under would cost me 31 euro. That about 25 UKP.. So the cost of sending cannot be an issue.

If you drop a mail to Castle i think that they would be glad to send you a list of all compatible hw.

And i think that there are enough people who can assist with building the computer, which isnt very diffcult to do.

So gentlemen......pick up the glove ;-]

Rick, an omega user.

 is a RISC OS Userrdenk144 on 12/01/05 08:10AM
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On MicroDigital tout big RAM for Omega:

Micheal: I do agree with you that we need software like video editing etc and of course the hardware that gives the silicons needed for that software. It puzzles me to this very day that no one has made an real audio player for Risc os. With the latest machines i do think it should be possible to do so...

It allways amuses me when i visit friends with Megahertzes on their desk. These things produces sounds on which a F16 fighter jet will be jealous. And i see them still struggling with the same problems as for five years ago : The software thats buggy, or wont work because they havent got the right amount of memory or megahertzes....

We do not have that kind of problems. Thats our strength..

I can only speak for myself but i do not follow the news in Wintel country. My Omega offers me everything which i search in a computer. I do think that most users will have that very same attitude. Why follow someting which we dont like ? ( or any arguement agianst buying/using a wintel machine)

I only use a wintel pc to do the tasks which i cannot do so on a risc pc. Just like Sendu does. So we need to focus on bringing that software to the risc os market. If that means that we have to upgrade, yes please. But the focus must be : software and not hardware.



 is a RISC OS Userrdenk144 on 11/07/04 11:20AM
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