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Username: snapper
Realname: Campbell Wishart
About me:Photo processor by profession and keen photographer to relax. Capture on film then scan and use computers to sort out everything I did wrong :-) Still using film because it's quite important for me to have my images to view in 5 years time. Been in the trade for far longer than I'd care to remember but had a good laugh doing it just about every day. Naturally I like computers. I've had an RPC since 94 which I still rely on for running my business and surfing the net on (security through obscurity ;-). It is still the most user friendly, efficient and nicest to look at OS that I know. Alas I need to use windows for Photoshop (sorry Photodesk) and Linux for various servers. and programming
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

In reply to lproven: My first reaction was also that the point of LaTeX was being missed if you used a WP rather than a text editor to create it.

But then if you think of the average technophobic computer user (the sort that ROS is ideal for), most are uncomfortable with anything that they can't point a mouse at.

In short we like working with the raw power of LaTeX, others need the volvo-esqe safety of a WP to get their code. Either is valid it's just a matter of preference, the question is, as Martin has already pointed out, is there a market for it. Gratefully that's not my decision.

 is a RISC OS Usersnapper on 11/7/07 5:33PM
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On Who wants LaTeX export in TechWriter?:

My memory of LaTeX is a little vague. A question:

I was under the impression that LaTeX was just TeX bundled with styles and functions to make it more user friendly. I take it from the discussion above that this is a bit simplistic?

How easy would it be to convert a dvi file to TW? Don't know if a dvi maintains text in a manner that could be eaily converted to something editable but it would remove the dependency on packages. I imagine getting it to !Draw would be possible, could it be taken from there?

 is a RISC OS Usersnapper on 11/7/07 4:03PM
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On How to upgrade an A9home's hard disc:

In reply to EasyKees:

Might there also be a heat issue as problem number 3? It might work OK but might cause reliability issues or lower the MTBF.

 is a RISC OS Usersnapper on 30/10/06 1:47PM
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On Dual core 1.2GHz Xscale touted by Intel:

Thanks fo that

 is a RISC OS Usersnapper on 23/8/06 5:27PM
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On Dual core 1.2GHz Xscale touted by Intel:

Forgive me, but it's been a while since I looked at CPU architecture but why can't you use cache,at least for the most part, in place of system RAM?

Things are a little foggy but I seem to recall that instructions and data are loaded into RAM then the required instructions and data are loaded into cache and only knocked out of cache when something else needs the space ( determined by some algorithm ). If there is no need to replace the data / instructions, then why is it not possible to run at least a basic system with cache only?

What sort of data can only reside in RAM and if it has to be in RAM is there a problem with it in cache or does the CPU bypass cache completely? Or is it that the OS would require a drastic rewrite to achieve such a thing?

 is a RISC OS Usersnapper on 23/8/06 4:43PM
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