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Username: torbenm
Realname: Torben Mogensen
About me:Previous owner of BBC B, A310 and A5000.
Homepage: http://www.diku.dk/~torbenm
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On ARM-powered computer firm in RISC OS port talks :

Good news, though I think it is a bit of an overstatement that "RISC OS is really popular in the UK". :-)

 is a RISC OS Usertorbenm on 31/8/09 9:23AM
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On ARM in half of all netbooks by 2012, says analyst:

This depends on the definition of "netbook". When does something stop being a PDA or smartphone and become a netbook? When does something stop being a netbook and become a subnotebook? Do you need a keyboard to be a netbook or can an oversized iPod Touch be called a netbook?

I think ARM will dominate the "low" end of the netbook range while Atom and other x86 clones will dominate the "high" end. By "low" and "high", I mean both price and specifications, where the Atom-powered netbooks will approach laptop specifications and prices (and run Windows 7), while the ARM-powered netbooks will run Mac OS X, Linux, Android or Symbian. And possibly RISC OS, if someone ports it. :-)

 is a RISC OS Usertorbenm on 23/3/09 3:16PM
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On Google funding offered to NetSurf project:

Good news. I wonder if it might be time to change the logo. Not only is it rather boring compared to the competitors, the use of a many-pointed star on a light-blue background is somewhat reminiscent of the Maersk logo ([link]). Yes, the NetSurf star has eight points to Maersk's seven, but still...

 is a RISC OS Usertorbenm on 25/3/08 8:26AM
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On Ditching desktops for portables: The way forward?:

10 years ago, I argued that RISC OS needed to focus on small portable devices, but I think it is too late now -- other solutions are now sufficiently advanced that there is no definite advantage to using RISC OS.

RISC OS might have been useful in an OLPC-like initiative, but that is also too late now.

So, I can't really see RISC OS ever becoming mainstream. At best, it will live on for a while as an enthusiast minority system, or various parts of it (such as the font system) might migrate to other platforms. Or it could have a use as an embedded OS (used in GPS navigators, MP3 players, HD recorders, or other specialised systems).

 is a RISC OS Usertorbenm on 16/01/08 1:25PM
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On Sell PCs without Windows urges think tank:

In reply to coling:

If you don't preinstall operating systems, you don't have to stock computers with different operating systems - you just stock OS-less computers and have boxes of CDs (that take up next to no space) with different OSs. Or better yet - you download the newest updated version and give it to the user on a CD or flash card.

As for hardware being made for Windows, the only way this is visible is that the vendors supply drivers to Windows. Most devices these days use standard interfaces (USB, ATAPI, etc.) that aren't specifically targeted to Windows. And if it was not for Windows dominance, all devices would now carry their own drivers in bytecode on a flash ROM and upload it to the host when plugged in. No more messing with drivers etc. - you get real plug and play.

 is a RISC OS Usertorbenm on 26/9/07 9:09AM
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